First day of the new year
Happy Christmas to one and all

As you may know, one of the things I do in our financial life is to use an American Express card for the points, a Marks and Spencer card, also for the points, a Nectar card and a Tesco card. All for the points.

As a long term account holder, the Amex pays us 1% on anything that we buy (not cash withdrawals, transfers or anything like that). They reduced the percentage quite a lot during the last year, so we’re not earning as much as we did, but even so, what we get is free money. That free money can be further increased by another 10% by having it in vouchers for, for instance, Waterstones, which is what I did last year. We get our points in January, and I’m looking forward to more Waterstones vouchers.

When we buy petrol, at our local garage, or buy groceries at our local Sainsbury’s, we use the Amex card, and the Nectar card.

I use the Amex wherever and whenever I can. It costs £25 a year, but we got over £200 cash back last year. We did have some big and unusual purchases last year. I use it for big purchases if they don’t charge me extra for a credit card, paying bills, buying petrol, car servicing etc etc. It goes without saying, that the bill is paid, in full, each month, otherwise, there’s little point (point! Hahaha, see what I did there?) I have set up a direct debit for the full amount, so it takes care of itself. The statement is reconciled every month, so I can track everything that is spent.

Years ago, I found that someone had used my card to buy a very expensive computer and have it delivered to an address hundreds of miles away from where I live. So, it’s always worth reconciling. Many people pay direct debits for obsolete insurance, gym or magazine subscriptions, sometimes for years, before realising.


Would you like £25 for free?

Amex sent me an advertising mailing this week, but, unusually, I am acting upon it. If you decided that the Amex card would be good for you, to collect points with, then you could maybe benefit from this.

Signup to the card, and spend £1 on it, and you will be credited with £25.

They will pay you 5% on purchases for the first 3 months, and 1% after that. The cash back is credited to your account in the anniversary month of taking out the card, and you can opt for vouchers instead, which also pays you an extra 10%.

You could get the card, spend £1, get your £25, spend that, then cancel the card, if you don’t want to hold on to it long term.

This is not a monetised post, just me.

Please do not apply for this card if you do not handle credit well, you won’t be able to pay off the balance each month, or any other reason that this product will not suit you. I am just offering a few quid to a few people, and an opportunity to earn some points,  I don’t want you to do anything inappropriate for your circumstances. 


Terms and Conditions

This offer is not a available if you hold or have held a cash back enrolled account with Amex in the last six months.
You need to click on this link to be eligible for the offer. I am only allowed 5 sign ups per calendar year.

You need to apply for, and be approved for the Platinum Cashback Credit Card.

You need to spend a minimum of £1 on goods and services purchased and charged to the card within three months of account opening.



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First day of the new year
Happy Christmas to one and all