I say Lasagna you say Lasagne
Basics - How To Cook
All sorts of bits and bobs, from packed lunches to preserved lemons and piccalilli


Cost per portionCalories FatProteinCarbsVegetarian
2 sandwiches, 2 toast breakfasts, 2 pasta dinners, from 1 tin sardinessardine sandwich filler83p for all 6 meals
Cinnamon Extractwonderful flavour and very unusual
Vanilla Extract - Home Madebest flavour ever, and so cheap! Uses vanilla pods for just 19p!
Nibbly bits, spicy nuts, pastry canapes, mini bannocks
canapes, for those times you just need a posh nibble
Peanut Mousse
peanut mousse
versatile, can be used in many ways
Blue Cheese musingsblue cheeseveg, not vegan
Anchovy Paste MusingsAnchovy Paste
Walnut and seed butterwalnut butter
Auntie Louisa's Apple Chutney
Long lasting Tzatziki87p a potkeeps at least 10 days in the fridge
Caramelised Onionscaramelised-onions41p the batch518 cals29g fat9g protein59g carbsveg + veganlots of ideas
cauliflower stalk pestoCauliflower Stalk Pesto veg + vegan
Mixed Nut Buttermixed nut butter
Cranberry Curd and loads of variations, incl savourycranberry curd
Croutons - sweet and savourycroutonsveg + veganlots of variations
A Festive Week for about £1.30 a day eachnot veg or veganChristmas
Finger Dumplings
finger dumplings
veg / sub the butter for vegan
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: berriesCrab Apple & Sloe Sorbet -H F-W
Lemony Water
lemony water
0pveg + vegan
Dumplings Using Pastry
Oil Pastry MakingOil-pastry-stage-4-300x225veg + vegan
Glazed Radishescooked radish, I've used them cooked often since discovering that you can eat them that way
Chorizo Musingschorizo
Some recipes for Veganuary
Olive & Tomato Savoury Curd
olive and tomato savoury curd
Preserved Orangespreserved oranges
Pancakes & not quite 101 ways to fill them
84pveg + vegan(omit honey)
Plum Jam
plum jam
18p with foraged fruitveg + vegan
Potato & Onion Layerpotato and onion layerveg + vegan
Preserved lemons, 2 jarspreserved lemons70p or 37p with SmartPrice lemonsveg + vegan
Rubber Chicken, 28 portions from 1 x £4.99 chickena rubber chicken
Spicy Curried Hummusspicy hummus60p pot235 cals17g fat5g protein16g carbsveg + vegan
Taste Bomb Tomatoes£1.67 a jarveg + vegan
Valentines Day 2015 - 3 Courses£1.76 a head
Variations on a Soft Cheese theme, from 18p sandwiches to 25p dinners 25pveg, not veganlots of ideas
Haggis, and ways of using it

Valentines Choc Cherry Cake
Valentines Day 2014 - 3 Courses
£1.86 a head
Freeze Dried Vegetable PowdersFreeze dried vegetablesTasty? Economical? Desirable? Yes, Yes, and Yes
Rocket, Watercress, Basil and Sunflower Seed PestoRocket pesto£3.53 for 404gveg, not vegan (cheese)gluten free, nut free
Smoking Hot Brazil Nut ButterSmoking Hot Brazil nut butter£1.48 for a 170g jar
Sage, Lemon & Pumpkin Seed PestoSage leaves£2.99 for 404gveg, not vegan (cheese)gluten free, nut free
Apple Curdapple curd85p for a large jar133 cals per 100g3g fat16g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
School, Work or Home Packed Lunches,packed lunchaverage cost 30p
HM PaneerHome made paneer£1.13 for 450g170 cals per 100g8g fat21g protein3g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
HM Mustard. OUTSTANDING flavour!mustard39p a pot
Brazil Nut ButterSmoking Hot Brazil nut butter
Roasted Spiralised RootsRoasted roots
Crispy Lemon SkinCrispy lemon skins
Tutti Frutti SpreadCandied peel
Apricot JamApricot jam39p a jar251 cals per 100g1g fat1g protein63g carbsveg, vegan
Sun dried tomatoes in olive oilinstant tomato pan fried focaccia£1.75 a jar
Home Made Nutella nutellaper tblsp52 cals per tblsp3g fat2g protein3g carbsveggluten free
Baked bean hummus
Rocket, carrot and baked bean hummus
Summer Berry JamSummer berries jam
Home Made Popcorn Dressed popcorn
30+ ideas for bean hummus using rinsed baked beans Pesto ingredients
Runner Bean PestoCooked runner beans
Cipolline in Agrodolce (Onions in Sweet and Sour Sauce)Sweet and sour onions

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I say Lasagna you say Lasagne
Basics - How To Cook