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A Trio of Vegetable Hummus

I make chickpea hummus and different flavours all the time. This week I found the joys of vegetable hummus. Made using green peas, or butternut squash or sweetcorn. Many more flavours to try still. Vegan and low Syn too!

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Couscous Snacky Lunchbox Bites

I’ve been enjoying these Couscous snacky lunchbox bites for a couple of weeks now. I thought I’d explore making them from scratch. You know me, I don’t use ready made stuff if I can avoid it.

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Spiced Broccoli Soup. Delicious with tomato scone or herb bread

This is a delicious soup. Mildly spicy and creamy, a lovely cold weather lunch, filling, warming and tasty. It is exactly the same as the Spiced Parsnip Soup recipe on meal plan 4, except that I have swapped the parsnip for broccoli. Whist enjoying the parsnip version, I thought that it would probably work for all kinds of different veg. So as I had a yellowing head of broccoli to use before it was unusable, broccoli was the first one I tried.

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