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or How To Feed Yourself For £1 A Day

Almond ‘Nutella’ Tart

I made some almond ‘Nutella’ then started thinking about uses, as I do, and thought, bet it would work well in a tart.

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Mushroom Ragu Lasagna

A mushroom ragu lasagna for a budget family dinner. Swap the mushroom layer out for all kinds of different savoury mixes

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Would generic weekly meals help you meal plan?

As many budgeters know, there are certain generic meals that can be endlessly modified, as well as all the wonderful recipes for these generic recipes, they will swallow whatever you have available, help in the weekly fridge clean out and use up all kinds of bits and pieces. I’ve been musing about it for a while and this week I thought that it would be perfectly possible to meal plan around generic meals.

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Lentil Ragu Lasagna

I recently made a really good lentil ragu. The flavour was strong enough that I thought it may well make a good lasagna. This is the result and it was very good indeed!

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Good books that I’ve been reading

Wondering what to read next? Here are some books I’ve been reading lately, and enjoyed. ” quote=” Wondering what to read next? Here are some books I’ve been reading lately, and enjoyed

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Lentil Pate

I haven’t made this for the longest time. I’m enjoying it on a slice of my home made granary bread, toasted, for breakfast.  Do give it a go, super cheap, great for breakfast, hollow leg filling and packed lunches too

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Weekly Meal Plan Twelve

a weekly meal plan for 4, all 3 meals and snacks. £37 at the checkout, and if you follow the plan fully, it will cost £32.72, £1.17 pppd. Lots of lovely food, for not much cash!

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Weekly Meal Plan Eleven

a weekly plan for 2 adults, all three meals and snacks based around a whole chicken. Just £1.19 pppd. Lots of lovely food for not much cash!

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