Toasted Nan & Dahl, 38p a portion
Potato and Onion Layer

imageHad this for dinner this evening. Some fancy pants pasta from Approved Foods with soft cheese and tomato purée stirred through. Took 10 minutes to make, and that was only because of the pasta cooking time. It looks quite a dark sauce, that is the tomato purée. It was thick and extremely tasty. You can adjust the strength of the sauce dependent on how strong you like it. So add the purée bit by bit until it is as strong as you want it.

Had it with coleslaw made with some fine sliced white cabbage, some grated carrot and a dressing made with equal quantities of mayonnaise and plain yogurt, mixed with a little grainy mustard. This is the recipe from the post about soft cheese.

  • 2 tbslp tomato puree, 35p/142g 7p
  • 50g soft cheese, 73p/300g, 12p
  • 80g value pasta, 39p/500g 6p
  • so for a supper for one, 25p

you could add some olives, chopped up, (99p/350g jar from Sainsbury’s), and maybe serve it with some green veg if you have any, or salady bits, but it would be fine on its own

you could stir some garlic paste through and some fine chopped herbs if you have any, with or without the tomato puree

a bit of chilli to liven things up if you like it

or you could make a proper tomato pasta sauce by chopping and frying an onion until transparent, then adding a tin of chopped tomatoes and simmering for 20 minutes. Add salt and pepper and some chopped fresh basil if you have it. Now stir through some of the soft cheese, add 200g of value pasta (cooked) and voila – supper for 2. You can whizz the sauce before adding the pasta if you like your sauce smooth, or just leave it chunky.

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Toasted Nan & Dahl, 38p a portion
Potato and Onion Layer