Olive Drop Scones, Crispy Fried Onions & Carrot Ribbon Salad, 24p a pop
Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese

Tomato, Olive & Soft Cheese Pasta, 37p a servingDinner this evening was some of the multigrain pasta I got from Approved Foods mixed with tomato paste, olives and yet more soft cheese.

The resulting sauce coated a dish of pasta with abundance. The flavour was thick and intense with the tomato paste and olives, a strong taste which I really enjoyed. The recipe calls for peas, but as I have lots of runner beans at the moment, I used those. This is a definite keeper for me, I loved it. And it only took as long to prepare as the pasta did to cook.

Pasta with Tomato, Olives & Soft Cheese

500g multi grain pasta, 25p
for each serving
80g of pasta
40g soft cheese
50g tomato puree
25g olives, chopped
40g peas

Cook the pasta in salted water until al dente. While it is cooking, simply mix the sauce ingredients together, excluding the peas.
When the pasta is almost cooked, toss in the peas for a couple of minutes. Drain the pasta and peas, and mix in the sauce. That’s it!

If you are following the meal planner for week two, please make sure you measure the soft cheese, there is only just enough of that for the week.


I loved this just as it was. If you are not a fan of the strong flavour, try using less tomato paste and fewer olives, or leave out the olives altogether
If you have vegetables other than peas you would like to use up, this would accomodate all kinds of things. Grated carrot, swede or parsnip, some shredded spinach from the garden, runner beans like I used, broccoli or cauliflower (raw or cooked), fine chopped celery, sliced mushrooms, what have you really. If you think it will taste good, bung it in.
In the spring, there will be wild ransoms (wild garlic), they would be lovely in this. Right now, you could forage mushrooms which would be very special, but please be careful that you know what you are picking.
If you have anything that would make a salad, you could serve that as a side, or maybe some garlic bread, or how about some crispy buttery crumbs, maybe with some rosemary fine chopped through, or some crunchy croutons, plain or flavoured sprinkled over the top.

This is in Meal Plan 1, a complete 7 day plan for 2 adults. Contains 3 meals a day, plus snacks , all recipes and a shopping list


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Olive Drop Scones, Crispy Fried Onions & Carrot Ribbon Salad, 24p a pop
Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese