Pasta with Tomato, Olives & Soft Cheese, 37p a serving
Spinach Dumplings with Spicy Tomato Sauce, 28p a serving

here is todays lunch. A pitta bread filled with a mixture of grated carrot, lemon zest and juice and soft cheese. It was very tasty, it would work without the lemon if you don’t have any, but it really does make a big difference to the flavour, especially the zest.

I had a bit of a saga with the pitta bread! I bought a pack of 22p pittas last week, and as it has been so hot, they went mouldy before I used them. Damn. So I bought another pack. It had a use by date of 3rd Sept, as it was 3rd Sept that day, I thought, ah, I had better use these up quick before they go stale. And by the next day, they too had mould spots on them!! I was disproportionately cross about it. So when I stumped crossly into Sainsbury’s this morning to buy pittas for the third time, you can imagine my reaction when I saw that they had no value ones. No, I grumped, they haven’t got any because they’ve all gone blasted mouldy. So I bought some wholemeal ones, and we’ll all have to just pretend that they are value ones, alright?

Soft cheese, carrot and lemon filling for pitta

Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese

1 pitta
40g soft cheese
50g carrot, grated
1/4 of a lemon, zested and juiced

mix everything together and pop it into the pitta. It isn’t a wet mixture, so it will sit in a lunch box ok

Muffin with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese
DP wanted his on a muffin and that worked too. It would be lovely in a sandwich, or on top of a jacket potato. I liked it just as it was, but you could add some sliced up olives (if you are following the week two menu planner, you have some spare), or tuck some salad leaves from the garden in the pitta, or any salady bits, or maybe a little salsa of chopped tomato, cucumber and onion. The tomato would make the pitta wet in a lunch box, so best pack that separately.


If you haven’t tried it, grated raw parsnip is delicious, and could be substituted for the carrot, or maybe grated raw swede. Maybe a smear of garlic paste, or a pinch of curry powder. Or how about a sprinkle of raisins for a pop of sweetness, or a couple of dried plums if you have been drying foraged fruit. Or a couple of sun dried tomatoes, snipped small, and a drizzle of the oil they are in if they are the type in oil. Or some snipped chives, or very finely chopped onion.

Hmm, wonder if it would work stirred through pasta, bet it would 🙂

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Pasta with Tomato, Olives & Soft Cheese, 37p a serving
Spinach Dumplings with Spicy Tomato Sauce, 28p a serving