After the blackout, the chat can, at last, start again
We're in the press.....

me with food on a tableWell phew! What a frantic couple of days that has been.  News Dog Media got coverage in MailOnline, Star online and Express online on Thursday, and the following day, printed coverage in the Metro and the Express. Not sure how long  the links will be there for! I don’t actually eat  that many carbs by the way, they decided that was a typical day using a picture the photograper took 😉

Because of that coverage, I have had lots of contacts from other places. Went to Brighton yesterday to record an interview for BBC radio Sussex that will go out on Monday, on the show airing 9-12. And while waiting to do that, did a live to air interview for BBC Tees radio. I could barely keep up with the messages, Tweets etc

Spain radio has been in touch and wants to do an interview live to air when I am supposed to be somewhere else, and a company in Russia want to do some filming

Site hits went through the roof, and the poor site couldn’t cope, sending it into a tailspin. The Host provider protested and put a limiter on it. I have carefully checked current stats, and I think it is safe to take the limiter off – I’m only allowed to do that 5 times before I’m banned! Edit – limiter has just been applied again!

I’m not sure where I want all this to go…. not sure? Have no idea more like. I had a very busy working life, spinning more plates than was comfortable pretty often. I have a busy and active life now, how much more do I want to cram in?

Well, we shall see what happens. I am currently pretty pleased that lots more people will have heard of what we do here now, and can make use of it, that was always the aim after all. If people like what they see, I hope that they will pass it on, and onwards and outwards it will go.

While I was in Brighton yesterday, I saw a huge place that dealt with all kinds of issues around not having enough money, other difficulties, and housing as well I think. So I popped in there and they seemed quite pleased at the resource and sent it round all the different agencies there.

I have become friendly with a local lady who collects for the foodbank and she, and a few others, have organised what we hope will be a busy and successful day on Monday 10th, running 9.30-4pm. It is called Thrifty Living, How to Cook & Cope. CAB are coming and I will be demonstrating all day, showing what exactly you need to do to spend £1 a day.

If you are new to budgeting or can’t think just how to get your grocery spend down any more, having a plan set out on exactly what to do will help. If there is a shopping list (buy these things at this price level) a meal plan (make these meals with those groceries) and the recipes (use this much of these ingredients) and if you follow it, then you WILL spend £1 a day

Thrifty Lesley has an associated Facebook Group. Do come over and say hello if you haven’t already joined. I’d love to see you

FaceBook Feed Yourself for £1 a Day


I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community

Facebook Slimming Group



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After the blackout, the chat can, at last, start again
We're in the press.....