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Who doesn’t love a good pudding every now and then. Sticky, creamy or just something sweet


 Cost per portioncaloriesfatproteincarbsveg/vegan/gf
Baked Apple Sponge with an Apple base
Char de Crabbe
Chocolate Ice Cream
Peach Crumble - Meal Plan 7
Rhubarb Ice Cream
Darkest Chocolate Ginger Torte
Plum Jam Breadcrumb PuddingPlum pudding
Mulled Wine CrumbleMulled wine
Bed Time Ice Creamovaltine
Semi Freddo Red Berry Yogort26p
Pancakes with Lemon & Sugarpancakes9p330 cals14g fat5g protein45g carbsveg, vegan
Baked Marmalade Sponge, Meal Plan 113p548 cals26g fat5g protein74g carbsveg
Mandarin Ice Cream14p
Self Saucing Chocolate PuddingSelf saucing chocolate pudding
20p252 cals7g fat6g protein38g carbsveg/substitute milk & butter for vegan
Coffee semi-freddocoffee semi fredo26p
Oaty Apple Crumble & Custard oaty apple crumble26p with bought apples, 11p with foraged527 cals26g fat7g protein67g carbsveg
Raspberry Ice Cream or Mousse31pno power needed for mousse
Muscovado & Mixed Fruit Steamed Pudding & Cream - Christmas Meal Plan 2014image32p672 cals45g fat7g protein60g carbsveg
Chocolate Rouladeimage35p a slice (how many?)veg, gf (check your cocoa powder)
Chocolate semi-fredochoc semi fredo37p
Salted Caramel Cheesecakesalted caramel cheesecake50p
Muscovado and Red Fruit Cheesecakemuscovado cheesecake with red fruits50p with red fruits, 33p without


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