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Over 500 cheap family recipes, and no sign of slowing up yet! The recipes listed here are the ones that tend to have a separate post. There are many other variations and suggestions within posts, so it is still worth cruising round the recipe posts looking for ideas and inspiration.

Have a look at the meal plans too, they also have ideas that often use these cheap family recipes and give them a twist. In meal plan two for instance, the fruit scone recipe is used with added cinnamon or mixed spice to give them a completely different flavour. Sometimes the link will take you to a meal plan. So for instance, Broccoli Pesto on Toast doesn’t have it’s own recipe post. The Pesto has a post, and the quantities etc for the pesto on toast are set out in meal plan 2, so that is where the link goes. I hope that is helpful – we can always change it as we go along.

The tables can be sorted ascending or descending by any of the columns. So you could, for instance, sort Breakfasts by calories per serving, cost per portion, or if it is vegetarian or vegan. You can also search the table by entering a search word in the box immediately above the table and it will show you just those entries. So if you were looking for a pasta recipe, enter ‘pasta’ in the search box. This works even better from the Home page. Put ‘pasta’ in the search box there, and every post that has the word ‘pasta’ in it will be displayed.


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homemade pesto

Things You May Never Need To Buy Again

Pesto - can be vegan, gf, nf, masses of variationshomemade pesto
Hummus, super easyhomemade hummus
Pasta saucePasta Sauce - super fresh and much nicer than a jar
Gourmet Ice Cream - masses of exotic flavourshome made gourmet Ice cream
Fishcakes - better and cheapersalmon fish cake
Mustard - outstanding flavour!homemade mustard



extremely cheap meals, breakfast


Cost per portionCaloriesFatProteinCarbsVegetarian
Gluten Free 
Bacon Sandwich26p584 cals34g fat30g protein39g carbsnouse gf bread
Sardine Sandwich Paste, on 2 x toast10p a sandwich229 cals5g fat8g protein31g carbsnouse gf bread
1 x toast with egg, 1 x toast with marmalade13p219 cals21g fat16g protein46g carbsnouse gf bread
Porridge 5p436 cals8g fat11g protein80g carbsveg/veganuse gf oats
Peanut Butter & Coconut Pancakes with Sweet Chilliimage15p402 cals22g fat11g protein42g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour
Apple Pancakes - look at bottom of post34p456 cals13g fat8g protein77g carbsveg/vegan
Beef & Sun Dried Tomato sandwich paste,on 2 x toast7p per tblsp, just the paste43 cals4g fat2g protein0g carbsnouse gf bread
Bircher MuesliRose Elliott24p282 cals12g fat8g protein37g carbsveg/not vegan
Breakfast Bhaji's31p314 cals14g fat6g protein39g carbsveg/veganuse gf flourlots of
Carrot & Raisin Loaf 9p252 cals1g fat7g protein54g carbsveg/veganuse gf flourlots of
Chicken & Sun Dried Tomato Paste12p per tblsp, just the paste45 cals4g fat2g protein0g cabsnouse gf bread
Cinnamon Toast8p, 2 slices334 cals20g fat6g protein33g carbsveg/veganuse gf bread
Creamy Apples and Croutons37p with bought apples, 17p with foraged ones304 cals11g fat5g protein43g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Cooked Muesli 2015-10-09 09.08.43
Potted Cheese8p per tblsp, just the paste98 cals9g fat3g protein0g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Ginger Toast with Banana 22p372 cals20g fat7g protein42g carbsveg/veganuse gf bread
Granola8p or 14p including milk343 cals, excl milk18g fat4g protein40g carbsveg/veganuse gf oatsmakes 24
Herby Pancakes with Poached Eggpoached egg15p346 cals13g fat12g protein45g carbsveg/not veganuse gf flour
Home Made Muesliimage9p incl milk227 cals5g fat8g protein36g carbsveg/vegan
Jammy oat barsJammy Oat Bars7p289 cals12g fat3g protein42g carbsveg/veganuse gf oats
White Cabbage Pancakes & Sweet Chillisweet chilli pancakes8p243 cals7g fat6g protein38g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour, check the chilli sauce
Egg on Toast, Jam on Toast. 21p388 cals10g fat16g protein58g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Mushrooms on ToastMushrooms on toast41p220 cals7g fat13g protein29g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Overnight OatsOvernight oatsveg/vegan with appropriate subsuse gf oatssquillions of variations
Plummy Oatsa wonderful cake made with jam, and plums cooked with oatsveg/vegan with appropriate subsuse gf flourlots of different flavours
Raisin PancakesRaisin pancakes8p280 cals6g fat1g protein62g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour
Spring Green Breakfast Pancakesmade from odds and endsuse gf flourlots of
Bean & Spicy Katjan Sauce on 2 x toastspicy katjan sauce12p a sandwich240 cals4g fat13g protein32g carbsveg/veganuse gf bread
4 Wheat Bisks & Milk wheat bisks breakfast19p337 cals2g fat14g protein58g carbsveg/vegan, use alt milk
Muesli & milk22p594 cals21g fat51g protein91g carbsveg/not vegan, milk powder in the muesli
Bran Flakes and milk 19p323 cals2g fat14g protein58g carbsveg/vegan, use alt milk
Broccoli Pesto on Toast27p227 cals14g fat6g protein17g carbsveg/veganuse gf breadlots of uses
smoked mackerel on toastSmoked Mackerel & Creamy Soft Cheese on Granary Toast63p320 cals18g fat25g protein11g carbs
Rosti with Sweetcorn24p365 cals15g fat5g protein56g carbveg /veganuse gf flour
Gorgeous Granola Breakfast BarsGranola Breakfast Bars24p490 cals20g fat6g protein44g carbsveg/use vegan fatuse gf oats and flourmany variations
Bacon & Ketchup paste, cals per 10g2p35 cals3g fat2g proteinnegno
Sausage Pastesausage paste4p per tblsp31 cals2g fat2g protein1g carbs
Savoury Yogurtsavoury yogurt33p164 cals14g fat5g protein5g carbsveg/not vegangfmany variations
Fruit & Nut Case Pastefruit and nut case paste4p per tblsp38 cals2g fat1g protein5g carbs
Maple Syrup & Toasted Almond Granolamaple syrup granola18p per 50g portion + milk222 cals10g fat4g protein28g carbsveg/vegan (sub butter)use gf oats

extremely cheap meals, lunch


Cost per portionCaloriesFatProteinCarbsVegetarianVeganNotes
2 x toast, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Value Soft Cheese
Broad Bean & Feta Wrapbroad bean and feta wrap
Sundried Tomato Sandwich paste/toast topper, per 2tblsp portionsundried tomato paste5p48 cals4g fat1g protein2g carbvegnot vegan
Sardine & Tomato Sandwich Paste10p
Smoked Salmon Sandwich paste/toast topper, per 2 tblsp portionSalmon dip22p88 cals8g fat4g protein2g carbvegnot vegan
Broccoli Pesto in Pitta. Meal Plan 2, Day 325pfrom day 3 of the week 2 meal plan204 cals14g fat4.6g protein13g carbs
Beef and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Pasteimage7p per tblsp, 13p per sandwich43 cals4g fat2g protein0g carbsnot vegnot veganuse in a sandwich or on toast for breakfast
Broccoli and Lentil Soup20p164 cals2g fat13g protein19g carbsvegvegan
Tzatziki & Lettuce SandwichTzatziki14pvegnothe tzatziki lasts at least 10 days in the fridge without going watery
Carrot Hoummous, creamy with tahini31p976 cals83g fat14g protein43g carbsvegvegan, leave out honey
Carrot & Lentil Soup 20p219 cals8g fat8g protein29g carbsvegvegan, if you use soya milk
Cauliflower and chick pea soup with little dumplings40p307 cals9g fat13g protein48g carbsvegvegan
Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Pasteimage12p per tblsp, 14p per sandwich45 cals4g fat2g protein0g carbsnot vegnot veganuse in a sandwich or on toast for breakfast
Welsh Rarebit
Chestnut Soup - Nigella Lawson
Parsnip Soup, with scone & mince pie - Christmas Meal Plan 201437p
Stilton Jackets with Clementines & Yogort for pudding - Christmas Meal Plan 2014image73p587 cals31g fat23g protein57g carbsvegno
Super simple mixed veg soup, with fresh crusty roll - Christmas Meal Plan 2014mixed veg18p456 cals2g fat16g protein89g carbvegvegan
Creamy Chicken Livers on ToastChicken livers58p427 cals20g fat34g protein91g carbsnot vegnot vegan
Nearly Meal Plan 8 Soup32p
Egg, Lentil, Raisin, Puy & Curry Sandwich29p426 cals12g fat21g protein57g carbsvegno
Potted Cheesepotted cheese8p a tblsp, 12p a sandwich
nutrition just for the potted cheese
98 cals9g fat3g protein0g carbsvegno
Pasta Pesto, with Peas and Feta46p
Fishy Tortilla19p + salady bits346 cals6g fat15g protein55g carbsnono
A Low Carb Chicken & Veg Soupvariable250 cals19g fat13g carbs
Hoummous and grated carrot sandwich 9p243 cals10g fat7g protein30g carbsvegvegan
Individual Lunchtime Pieslunchtime pies20pvegvegan
Lentil Soup - Meal Plan 116p238 cals5g fat15g protein41g carbsvegvegan
Spicy Lentil Soup16p269 cals5g fat15g protein41g carbsvegvegan
Butter Bean Pate18p284 cals5g fat12g protein48g carbsvegveganlots of variations
Lentil & Veg Soup, meal plan 7
Mixed Veg Soup, with Bacon, meal plan 7
Chicken Noodle Soup - Meal Plan 820p308 cals15g fat10g protein37g carbsomit chicken stockomit chicken stock
Lentil & Veg Salad, with Soy, Meal Plan 824pvegomit yogortvery versatile, use same ingredients to make soup
Oaty Fritters, Roast Veg, Chilli & Yogort, Meal Plan 8vegomit yogurt
Chip Butty. Meal Plan 3, Day 624pfrom day 6 of the week 3 meal plan228 cals4g fat5g protein43g carbsvegno
Egg Sandwich - week 3 meal plan. I egg, 2 slices bread each18p1 egg & 2 slices bread each286 cals10g fat16g protein33g carbsvegno
Salami & Mixed Vegetable Soup with Croutons24p277 cals16g fat5g protein29g carbsnono
Hoummous & Grated Carrot Sandwich - No Power Meal Plan15p
Peanut Butter & Coleslaw sandwich - No Power Meal Plan22p
Chilled Radish & Mint Soup
Olive, Soft Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich30p334 cals14g fat8g protein33g carbsvegno
Pea Soup 17p226 cals11g fat10g protein21g carbsvegno
Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese20p220 cals7g fat6g protein28g carbsvegno
Raw Carrot, Apple & Cashew Soup35p
Jacket Potato with Basics cheese spread20p, plus the salad236 cals4g fat7g protein43g carbsvegno
Sardines on Toast38pmost of your Omega 3 for a week
Spiced Parsnip Soup. Serve with tomato scone or herb bread 17p166 cals9g fat3g protein16g carbsvegvegan, if you use soya milk
Stilton Quiche with Red Cabbage Coleslaw - Christmas Meal Plan 2014stilton39p546 cals36g fat20g protein34g carbvegnosubstitute cheddar, Brie or feta for Stilton
Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup27pvegvegan
Split Pea Soup13p
Garlicky 'Boursin' sandwich18pvegnot vegandozens of variations, including sweet ones
5:2 Tom Yum with shredded cabbageTom yum soup43p217cals2g protein14g carbvegveganlots of variations
Bean & Spicy Katjan Sauce Sandwich Pastespicy katjan sauce12p a sandwichvegveganuse in a sandwich or on toast for breakfast. LOADS of variations
Cheese & Grated Carrot Sandwich - Meal Plan 9
Ham Sandwich - Meal Plan 9
Lentil Soup (as above) & Croutons. Meal Plan 2, Day 117pfrom day 1 of the week 2 meal plan342 cals8g fat17g protein50g carbsvegvegan
Olives & Soft Cheese in Pitta. Meal PLan 2, Day 4 28pfrom day 4 of the week 2 meal plan292 cals16g fat6g protein27g carbsvegno
Fresh Tomato soup, or using tinned tomatoes10p homegrown, 18p tinned225 cals8g fat9g protein34g carbvegvegan
imagePercy pumpkin soup, version 2, without coconut15p
imagePercy Pumpkin Soup, version 1, with coconut33p
sardine sandwich fillerSardine & Bean Sandwich Paste10p a sandwichnonouse in a sandwich or on toast for breakfast
lentils chilli and coconut with saladLentils, Chilli & Coconut with Salad - Meal Plan 846p450 cals22g fat18g protein50g carbsvegveganlots of variations
Beans on Toast, 2 slices toast & half tin beans each11p2 slices toast & half a tin of beans each344 cals2g fat17g protein65g carbsvegvegan
Creamy Leek & Cheese ToastyCreamy leek and cheese toasty48p430 cals19g fat13g protein52g carbsvegno
Cheese & Ham Toastiecheese and onion toastie18p
lettucelettuce soup
trio of vegetable hummusA Trio of Vegetable Hummus - Pea, Butternut Squash & Sweetcorn
a 2nd trio of vegetable hummusAnother Trio of Vegetable Hummus - beetroot,parsnip & swede
Couscous snacky lunchbox bitessnacky couscous bites8p55 cals2g fat3g protein7g carbsveg, vegan
Lentil Patelentil pate for a budget breakfast12p/100g81 cals4g fat3g protein8g carbsveg, vegan
Spiced Broccoli Soupbroccoli - how to make soup

extremely cheap meals, dinner


Cost per portionCaloriesFatProteinCarbsVegetarian
Gluten free
Courgette Salad, the same dish as above, but coldCourgette Pasta46p
Broccoli Pesto (for the whole batch of pesto)1685 cals158g fat26g protein57g carbs
Farl, onion, carrot, swede and salamiimage39p412 cals14g fat12g protein59g carbsveg + vegan - leave out the chorizo
tomato lasagnaTomato Lasagna57p432 cals42g fat17g protein53g carbsveg
Vegetable & Hummus Pievegetable and hummus pie51p642 cals40g fat11g protein60g carbsveg + vegan
Stuffed Potato CakesStuffed potato cakes9p123 cals3g fat3g protein21g carbsveg + vegan
Sweet Bean Curry Sweet bean curry39p374 cals14g fat14g protein52g carbsveg + vegangluten free
Chicken & Pea Risottochicken and pea risotto84p
Pork Meatballs with added veg and barleypork meatballs36p120 cals1g fat20g protein14g carbs
Oven Baked Frittataoven baked frittata35p200 cals12g fat15g protein6g carbsveg
Mushroom Ragu LasagnaMushroom lasagna for a budget family meal79p470 cals24g fat18g protein46g carbsveg
Nut Balls in a Tomato Sauce
Lentil Ragu & Spaghettired lentil ragu on spaghetti40p481 cals15g fat17g protein50g carbsveg, vegan (omit cheese)
Lentil Ragu LasagnaLentil Ragu Lasagna55p545 cals27g fat22g protein53g carbsveg
Lentil & Nut Loaflentil and nut loaf27p
Tomato Stewed Cauliflowertomato stewed cauliflower a traditional Greek food53p302 cals20g fat6g protein30g carbsveg, vegan
Greek Fried CauliflowerCauliflower fritters a traditional Greek recipe
Gajar MatarGajar Matar15p148 cals28g fat4g protein17g carbsveg + vegan
Pork, Apple & Stuffing Lasagna Pork, Apple & Stuffing Lasagna26p
Chicken, Quinoa and Apple BurgersChicken, quinoa and apple burgers40p134 cals5g fat12g protein
Chicken & Leek CrumbleChicken and leek crumble55p582 cals40g fat19g protein37g carbs
Cabbage, sultana & nut pasta bake49p574 cals25g fat23g protein68g carbsveg
Beetroot Ragu LasagnaBeetroot ragu lasagna67p465 cals21g fat16g protein55g carbsveg
Bean, Quinoa & Herb SaladBean and Quinoa Herby Salad63p287 cals16g fat8g protein28g carbsveg + vegan
Baconey Tomatoey Pastatomato bacon pasta recipe26p516 cals13g fat22g protein77g carbs
Zombie BurgersZombie burgers using dead bread22p188 cals9g fat7g protein25g carbsveg + vegangluten free, use gf bread
Spring Green Pasta with Parmesan Spring green pasta51pveg + vegan, use veg parmesan
Herby omeletteHerby Omelette, Chips & Peas - Meal Plan 1031p550 cals25g fat2g protein57g carbsveg, not vegangluten free, use gf flour
imageCheese & Ham Toastie18p
wild garlic and beeWild Garlic Pesto Pasta29p620 cals31g fat17g protein70g carbveg, not vegan
scone based pizzaScone Based Pizza, meal plan 723p800 cals39g fat17g protein93g carbsveg if you leave off the bacon
moussakaMoussaka, Lamb Ragu (2)92p
meatless Sunday lunchMeatless Sunday Lunch57p675 cals21g fat26g protein99g carbsveg, not vegan
salted cashew couscousSalted Cashew Couscous 30p483 cals23g fat11g protein58g carbsveg + vegan
meal plan 7 lasagnaLasagna62p, or easily stretched to 31p656 cals15g fat43g protein86g carbsnot veg or vegan
liver and onionsLiver, Bacon & Onions, mash, carrots & peas66p, incl sidesnot veg or vegan
herby chicken goujonsHerby Chicken Goujons97p
heartHeart46pnot veg or vegan
green thai curryGreen Thai Kidney Bean Curry59p
Casserole of bacon, veg, toms, soft cheese45p436 cals17g fat27g protein41g carbsnot veg or vegan
Butter bean, pepper and carrot salad, with a lemon juice and coconut dressing84p
Bacon & Sweetcorn Pie, mash and peas 32p752 cals36g fat23g protein87g carbsnot veg or veganlots of variations
Broccoli Pesto & Pasta 28p280 cals15g fat8g protein28g carbsveg + vegan
Anchovy Pizza39pnot veg or vegan
gnocchiGnocchi made with dried mash! Served with tomato sauce15p351 cals9g fat10g protein58g carbsveg + vegan, leaving out the cheese topping
sweetcorn frittersSweetcorn fritters, wedges & peas30p527 cals26g fat13g protein64g carbsveg +vegan
Vegetable Stir Fry51p
Vegetable Crumble - 4 portions25p456 cals14g fat48g protein28g carbsveg + vegan, leaving the cheese out of the topping
Vegetable Casserole & Dumplings29p371 cals14g fat7g protein51g carbveg + vegan
Tapas - Patatas Bravas, Butter Beans with Lemon & Honey, Spinach Dumplings
Pizza using Magic Bread Dough
Roquefort TartRoquefort tart, cooked
Tuna & Onion Pie, with roasted carrots & onions - Meal Plan 924p incl sides
Taste Bomb Tomato Pasta65pveg + vegan, substitute soft cheese
Tomato Dhal & Rice 27p509 cals11g fat21g protein83g carbsveg+ vegan
Toasted Nan & Dahl 38p
Stuffed Beefsteak Tomato stuffed-cheap-toms-4-300x22451p
Spinach, Tomato, Plum & Feta Salad, with crusty breadimage71p372 cals9g fat14g protein58g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
Spinach Stuffed Pancakes with Tomato Sauce & Cheesestuffed pancakes51p
Spinach & Ricotta Pasta, with a side saladSpinach and risotto pasta72p550 cals18g fat21g protein71g carbsveg, not vegangluten free (use gf pasta)
Spinach Dumplings with Spicy Tomato SauceSpinach-Dumplings-150x15028p
Spinach and Coconut Dahl, with rice37pveg + veganuse gf pasta
Spicy Potato Cakes52p
Spicy Cabbage, Lentils & Nan51p587 cals16.2g fat23g protein88g carbs
Spanish Omelette
Spaghetti with Beef & Tomato Pasta Sauce29pnot veg or vegan
Spaghetti Carbonara 41p507 cals17g fat29g protein60g carbnot veg or vegan
Spaghetti Bolognese made to Italian recipe41pnot veg or vegan
Smoked Salmon Pasta42p
Smoked Mackerel and Roasted Beetroot Salad47p496 xcals39g fat11g protein27g carbsnot veg or vegan
Tuna Fish Cakes36p264 cals12g fat26g protein22g carbsgluten free
Sardine & Tomato FishcakesTuna fish cakes26p258 cals8g fat13g protein23g carbsgluten free
Hazelnut Couscous, (as Salted Cashew Couscous, using Hazelnuts) meal plan 214p468 cals23g fat14g protein53g carbsveg + vegan
Salsa di Noci e Pasta
walnut pasta
56p608 cals52g fat12g protein32g carbsveg + vegan , omit creamlots of variations
5:2 Salmon Fish Cakes Salmon fish cake39p269 cals11g fat16g protein27g carbsnot veg or vegangluten free, use gf flour to dust
Chicken & Stuffing Pizza46p incl salad
Rosti 33p421 cals11g fat18g protein66g carbsveg + vegan, leaving out the bacon
Roasted Vegetable Soup with Scone Topped with Roasted Onions - Meal Plan 932p552 cals20g fat11g protein83g carbsveg + vegan
Roast parsnip &, apple salad, with carrot & peanut & raisin salad and jacket potatoimage54p
Raw chickpea carrot falafelCarrot falafel15p
Puchka TartPuchka tart40p
SW Quinoa Burgers - frugalised - per 2 burgersquinoa burgers32p192 cals7g fat8g protein25g carbsveg
Potato, Sweetcorn and Onion Cakes47p647 cals18g fat28g protein98g carbsveg + vegan, leaving out the bacon
Pizza, 32cm, chorizo and roasted vegetable32cm pizza53p per whole pizza, 26p if it serves 2728 cals25g fat21g protein105g carbsveg + vegan, leaving out the chorizo and cheese toppingslots of variations
Pasta, Tomato Sauce & Cheddar - Meal Plan 933p506 cals21g fat19g protein59g carbsveg + vegan, use sub cheese
Tomato, Soft Cheese and Olives37p465 cals13g fat17g protein66g carbsveg, not vegan
Pasta with Tomato, Olives & Soft Cheese37p465 cals13g fat17g protein66g carbsveg, not vegan
Pasta, soft cheese and tomato purée25pveg, not vegan
Panzanellapanzanella50pveg + vegan
Paneer Curry using either HM or shop bought paneerPaneer Curry34p265 cals13g fat19g protein20g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
Pancakes and not quite 101 ideas to fill them
Pancakes filled with Carrots, Onions and Peas in Soft Cheesepancakes filled with carrots, onions & peas21p422 cals20g fat10g protein48g carbsveg, not vegan
Onion Tart 42pveg, not vegan
Olive Drop Scones, Garlicky Soft Cheese28p
Couscous Pesto Salad - No Power Meal Plan 50pveg, not vegan, the pesto has cheese in it
Mixed Veg DauphinoiseMixed veg dauphinoise47p530 cals45g fat8g protein28g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
Melanzane Parmigiana, the classic Italian Aubergines and Parmesan67p417 cals20g fat18g protein60g carbsveg, vegan using parmesan and mozzarella substitute
Omelette & Chips - Christmas Meal Plan 201438p511 cals24g fat25g protein53g carbveg, not vegan
Pea Fritters & Chipspea fritters mp 1017p485 cals14g fat12g protein74g carbsveg + vegangluten free, use gf flour
Oaty Fritters , veg, chilli & yogort, Meal Plan 8
Chicken & Dumplings - Meal Plan 8image37p503 cals30g fat17g protein42g carbnot veg or vegan
Chicken & Veg with a coconut and peanut sauce - Meal Plan 845p
Spaghetti Bolognese, meal plan 7
Cottage Pie, meal plan 758p354 cals14g fat29g protein28g carbsnot veg or vegan
Butter Beans with Sauted Mixed Veg38p462 cals16g fat15g protein66g carbsveg + vegan
Mango, coconut and feta pasta
Mulligatawny - a meaty, slightly curried, main course soupMulligatawny soup46p190 cals8g fat15g protein16g carbsnot veg or vegangluten free (omit pearl barley)
Scotch Brothscotch broth
Mackerel Pate & Pasta45p569 cals21g fat22g protein68g carbnot veg or vegan
Mackerel Pate & CruditesMackerel-Pate-Crudite-150x15049p279 cals20g fat9g protein11g carbsnot veg or vegan
Mackerel Kedgeree43p524 cals20g fat24g protein62g carbsnot veg or vegan
Lentil Dumplings with Tomato Sauce20-30p
Lemon Dahl 18p with value rice, 24p with basmati502 cals1.3g fat22g protein101g carbsveg + vegan
Chicken Crumble 47p
Shepherds Pie - Lamb Ragu (1)74pnot veg or vegan
Pea-Crumb Fritters
pea crumb fritter
6p130 cals2g fat5g protein15g carbsveg - omit egg for veganno, unless gf bread
Halloumi Burgers Halloumi40p323 cals23g fat14g protein16g carbsgluten free
Hotdog & Bean Salad - No Power Meal Plan41pnot veg or vegan
Sausages - Home MadeHome made sausage patties19p per sausagegluten free, use gf filler
Home Grown Pumpkin CurryCurry77p434 cals15g fat17g protein50g carbsveg + vegangluten free
Haslet, Crudites & Coleslaw - No Power Meal Plan66pnot veg or vegan
Green Tomato Curry (7 portions)Green tomato curry204 cals8g fat6g protein25g carbsveg + vegan
Green lentil, mushroom, raisin and cucumber salad, with a brinjal pickle and yoghurt dressing 46p540 cals8g fat33g protein80g carbveg + veganlots of variations
Green lentil cottage pie56p513 cals13g fat24g protein99g carbveg + vegan, substitute the cheddar
Pad ThaiPad Thai£1.21473 cals20g fat26g protein
Chickpea, Coconut & Mango Curry53pveg + veganlots of variations
Turkey & Leftovers Soup, ideas on what to put in itnot veg or vegan
Turkey curry81pnot veg or vegan
Goan Fish Curry - a chicken version, plus original fish recipe
Goan Fish Curry
Gigantes Plaki and pitta38p322 cals2g fat16g protein60g carbveg + vegan
Fishless Kedgeree,or use as Vegetable RiceKedgeree64p/25p590 cals33g fat21g protein54g carbsveg/ omit egggluten free
Fish Pie & how to stay on track for £1 a day£1.32
Pasta Pesto with Peas and Feta
Falafel with carrot salad37p669 cals22g fat33g protein84g carbsveg + vegan
Faggots & Gravy26p
Deli Platter - Meal Plan 964p412 cals28g fat18g protein19g carbsnot veg or vegangluten free
Dahl Sambar31p400 cals14g fat22g protein56g carbsveg + veganlots of variations
Creamy Walnut Pasta SauceCreamy Walnut pasta65p410 cals39g fat7g protein3g carbveg, not vegangluten free
Courgette Pasta46p
Corned Beef & Mushroom Pie, mash and peas54pnot veg or vegan
Corned Beef Hash47pnot veg or vegan
Coconut Dahl17p value rice, 23p basmati rice598 cals10g fat23g protein104g carbsveg + vegan
Christmas Pie at the WIdef not 50p!
Roast pork & trimmings - Christmas Meal Plan 201484p
Pasta (HM) mixed veg, cream, mustard - Christmas Meal Plan 2014image30p604 cals25g fat13g protein78g carbveg, not vegan
Gnocchi, pork bits and stuffing - Christmas Meal Plan 201436p508 cals11g fat25g protein81g carbsnot veg or vegan
Mixed Veg and Pasta Cheese
Plain Chow MeinPlain chow mein61p335 cals16g fat11g protein40g carbsveg, not vegan
Chorizo, chickpea and tomato in a flatbread47p397 cals9g fat19g protein64g carbsnot veg or vegan
Chole & Nan 27p590 cals13g fat22g protein97g carbsveg + vegan
Chickpea Crumble 46p749 cals31g fat27g protein92g carbsveg + vegan
Chicken & Veg Tart42p
Chicken, Soy, Honey & Sesame with Rice64p480 cals4g fat30g protein30g carbsnot veg or veganlots of variations
SW Cheesy Bean Lasagna60p
Cheese & Onion Roly Poly - 4 servingsimage38p464 cals31g fat13g protein31g carbveg, not veganlots of variations
Cheese & Onion Roly Poly - 2 servingsimage57p696 cals46g fat20g protein47g carbsveg, not veganlots of variations
Cheese & Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Veg - No Power Meal Plan60p
Cashew ChickenCashew chicken89p458 cals14g fat35g protein47g carbsnot veg or vegangf, check sauces
Broad Bean, Pea & Mint Risotto53p370 cals14g fat8g protein38g carbsveg, not veganlots of variations
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, Ham and Cheese Pancakes23p
Beetroot & Feta Tart 24p400 cals23g fat11g protein37g carbsveg, not vegan
Beetroot BurgersBeetroot burgers41p214 cals7g fat7g protein31g carbsveg + vegan - omit egguse gf oats
Barley SaladBarley salad59p292 cals18g fat6g protein23g carbsveg + vegan
Balti spring green pancakes15p225 cals2g fat7g protein44g carbsveg+ veganlots of variations
Avocado, Tomato & Orange Salad, with Focaccia62p350 cals35g fat3g protein16g carbveg + vegan
Asparagus & Pea Risotto75pveg, not vegan
Aldi Pizza & Chips - Meal Plan 960p
Mushroom Strogonoff70pveg, not vegan
Peperonatapeperonata53pveg + vegan
Aduki Bean Curry19p using Approved Food ingredients
Peanut Butter Noodles23pveg + vegan
Chicken Stir Fry, Meal Plan 881p
SW Pastitsio - Frugalised56p
Olive Drop Scones, Crispy Fried Onions & Carrot Ribbon Salad 24p552 cals19g fat10g protein86g carbsveg + vegan
Beef Ragu for Meal Plan 7
Chicken & Onion Pie26pnot veg or veganlots of variations
Tomato Dhal & Couscous, (as above) but using couscous (meal plan 2)17p510 cals11g fat23g protein81g carbsveg + vegan
Fiery Potatoes, spicy & delicious
Fiery potatoes
38p450 cals17g fat8g protein66g carbsveg + vegangluten free
Beef pasta bake 34p318 cals11g fat17g protein39g carbsnot veg or vegan
Sardine & Tomato Pasta
Butter Bean and Vegetable Curry24p316 cals11g fat12g protein43g carbsveg + veganlots of variations
Feta Stuffed Peppers64p

extremely cheap meals, chicken

Rubber Chicken Feature

Rubber Chicken – just how far can you make a £4.99 chicken streeeetch – 28 portions?
Rubber Chicken (1) Pizza & Salad pizza and salad46p
Rubber Chicken (2) Chicken & Onion Piechicken and onion pie26p
Rubber Chicken (2) Spicy lentil soup, 18p18p
Rubber Chicken (3) Chicken, Onion & Sweetcorn Tartchicken, onion & sweetcorn tart34p
Rubber Chicken (4) Jacket potato using 60g meat in mustardy white sauce, with onion
imageRubber Chicken (5) Chicken & Risotto
Rubber Chicken (6) Pasta with white sauceRubber chicken - pasta bake48p622 cals7g fat32g protein107g carbsCould easily serve 4 rather than 2
Rubber Chicken (7) Fritters

extremely cheap meals, cake

Cakes & Bakes

Cost per
Plain Scones, 12 scones27p batch, 2p each311 cals14g fat4g protein41g carbsveg/vegan
everyday loafLoaf - an everyday white loaf17p
coconut biscuitsCoconut Biscuits3p each, makes 24119 cals6g fat1g protein14g carbveg/veganlots of variations
Walnut 'Nutella' BitesWalnut Nutella Ferraro Rocher type bites
Tomato Scones, 12 scones30p batch, 2-3p each292 cals16g fat5g protein32g carbsveg/vegan
Sparkling Water Tomato Rolls - 6 rollsTomato rolls8p per rollveg/vegan
Sparkling Water Wholemeal LoafWholemeal loaf
Savoury Flapjacks
Savoury Flapjacks15p184 cals13g fat3g protein14g carbvegan (check bottled stuff)use gf oats and check bottled stuff
Raisin Tart
Darkest Chocolate Ginger Torte
Hot Non-Cross Loaf
Rosemary, mustard and cayenne scones53p a batch (12), 4p each
Magic Dough - Walnut Loaf24p
Raisin Biscuits28p batch, 1.4p each if 20 biscuits73 cals3g fat1g protein11g carbsveg/veganlots of variations
Damson & Walnut Cakeimageveg/not veganlots of variations
Peanut Butter & Jam Mug Cakepeanut butter & jam mug cake
Peanut Butter & Jam Mug Cakepeanut butter & jam mug cake
Oaty Biscuitsoaty biscuits1p77 cals4g fat1g protein9g carbsveg/vegan
Raspberry MuffinsRaspberry muffins17p
Coffee and Walnut CakeCoffee and walnut cake
Muffins made with Mincemeat & Oatsmuffins with mincemeat and oats
Pitta Breadpitta1p
Flapjacks - Meal Plan 4image26p batch246 cals17g fat2g protein21g carbveg/vegan
Three Ingredient CakeCake16p223 cals0g fat3g protein50g carbsveg/veganuse gf flourlots of variations
Ginger Cakeginger cake16p
Sparkling Water BreadBread22p per 800g loafveg/vegan
Lentil Loaf & Beer Breadveg/vegan
Stuffing bread rollsRolls with added stuffing mix
Herby Scones2p144 cals3g fat1g protein6g carbsveg/veganuse gf flour
Herb Bread6p208 cals1g fat6g protein45g carbsveg/vegan
Cranks Bread Pudding
Date & Apple Muffins
Fruit Scones 12 scones4p each, 55p batch206 cals10g fat2g protein27g carbsveg/veganlots of variations
Fruit Loaf9p305 cals13g fat4g protein43g carbsveglots of variations
Focaccia5pveg/veganlots of variations
Coffee & Walnut Biscuits
Instant Tomato Pan Fried FocacciaInstant focaccia
Very chocolatey chocolate muffinsChocolate muffins11p202 cals7g fat4g protein29g carbsveg/not veganuse gf flourlots of variations
Chocolate Fudge Cake, with and without eggs29psquillionsveg/veganuse gf flourlots and lots of variations
Cheapy Bread Rolls, an hour from start to finish2pveg
Banana Cake - Tass' recipe
Bread Puddenbread pudden9p166 cals6g fat4g protein25g carbsveg/not veganuse gf bread
Bannocks with Roasted Veg Hoummous -Meal Plan 8image
Bannock Digestives - Meal Plan9
26p for 30 bannocks
Apple and Spice Muffins, no eggs4plots of variations
Loaf, another everyday loaf, freeform
Chocolate, Coconut, Raisin & Chopped Nut Muffin
Chocolate, Walnut and Raisin MuffinsChocolate, raisin and pecan muffins



Cost per portionCaloriesFatProteinCarbsVegetarian
2 sandwiches, 2 toast breakfasts, 2 pasta dinners, from 1 tin sardinessardine sandwich filler83p for all 6 meals
Cinnamon Extractwonderful flavour and very unusual
Vanilla Extract - Home Madebest flavour ever, and so cheap! Uses vanilla pods for just 19p!
Nibbly bits, spicy nuts, pastry canapes, mini bannocks
canapes, for those times you just need a posh nibble
Peanut Mousse
peanut mousse
versatile, can be used in many ways
Blue Cheese musingsblue cheeseveg, not vegan
Anchovy Paste MusingsAnchovy Paste
Walnut and seed butterwalnut butter
Auntie Louisa's Apple Chutney
Long lasting Tzatziki87p a potkeeps at least 10 days in the fridge
Caramelised Onionscaramelised-onions41p the batch518 cals29g fat9g protein59g carbsveg + veganlots of ideas
cauliflower stalk pestoCauliflower Stalk Pesto veg + vegan
Mixed Nut Buttermixed nut butter
Cranberry Curd and loads of variations, incl savourycranberry curd
Croutons - sweet and savourycroutonsveg + veganlots of variations
Crumpets & Pikelets, Savoury & Sweetcrumpets and pikelets
A Festive Week for about £1.30 a day eachnot veg or veganChristmas
Finger Dumplings
finger dumplings
veg / sub the butter for vegan
Flatbreads. Versatile and very yummy
2pveg + veganeasy, freezable and delicious
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: berriesCrab Apple & Sloe Sorbet -H F-W
Lemony Water
lemony water
0pveg + vegan
Dumplings Using Pastry
Oil Pastry MakingOil-pastry-stage-4-300x225veg + vegan
Glazed Radishescooked radish, I've used them cooked often since discovering that you can eat them that way
Chorizo Musingschorizo
Some recipes for Veganuary
Olive & Tomato Savoury Curd
olive and tomato savoury curd
Preserved Orangespreserved oranges
Pancakes & not quite 101 ways to fill them
84pveg + vegan(omit honey)
Plum Jam
plum jam
18p with foraged fruitveg + vegan
Potato & Onion Layerpotato and onion layerveg + vegan
Preserved lemons, 2 jarspreserved lemons70p or 37p with SmartPrice lemonsveg + vegan
Rubber Chicken, 28 portions from 1 x £4.99 chickena rubber chicken
Spicy Curried Hummusspicy hummus60p pot235 cals17g fat5g protein16g carbsveg + vegan

2p eachveg + vegan
Taste Bomb Tomatoes£1.67 a jarveg + vegan
Using Breadcrumbs for DinnerZombie burgers
Valentines Day 2015 - 3 Courses£1.76 a head
Variations on a Soft Cheese theme, from 18p sandwiches to 25p dinners 25pveg, not veganlots of ideas
Haggis, and ways of using it
slow cooker loafBread Cooked in a Slow Cooker

Valentines Choc Cherry Cake
Valentines Day 2014 - 3 Courses
£1.86 a head
Freeze Dried Vegetable PowdersFreeze dried vegetablesTasty? Economical? Desirable? Yes, Yes, and Yes
Rocket, Watercress, Basil and Sunflower Seed PestoRocket pesto£3.53 for 404gveg, not vegan (cheese)gluten free, nut free
Smoking Hot Brazil Nut ButterSmoking Hot Brazil nut butter£1.48 for a 170g jar
Sage, Lemon & Pumpkin Seed PestoSage leaves£2.99 for 404gveg, not vegan (cheese)gluten free, nut free
Apple Curdapple curd85p for a large jar133 cals per 100g3g fat16g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
School, Work or Home Packed Lunches,packed lunchaverage cost 30p
HM PaneerHome made paneer£1.13 for 450g170 cals per 100g8g fat21g protein3g carbsveg, not vegangluten free
HM Mustard. OUTSTANDING flavour!mustard39p a pot
Lentil FlourRed lentils
Loaf made with Chapatti flour
Brazil Nut ButterSmoking Hot Brazil nut butter
Roasted Spiralised RootsRoasted roots
Crispy Lemon SkinCrispy lemon skins
Tutti Frutti SpreadCandied peel
Apricot JamApricot jam39p a jar
Sun dried tomatoes in olive oilinstant tomato pan fried focaccia£1.75 a jar
Home Made Nutella nutellaper tblsp52 cals per tblsp3g fat2g protein3g carbsveggluten free
Baked bean hummus
Rocket, carrot and baked bean hummus
Summer Berry JamSummer berries jam
Home Made Popcorn Dressed popcorn
30+ ideas for bean hummus using rinsed baked beans Pesto ingredients
Runner Bean PestoCooked runner beans
Cipolline in Agrodolce (Onions in Sweet and Sour Sauce)Sweet and sour onions

extremely cheap meals, christmas

Christmas Leftovers - Part 1Turkey stock soup
Turkey & Cranberry Toast Topper
Cheese Paste
Cheesey Tart
Christmas Leftovers - Part 2Preserved Clementines
& in salads
Turkey Curry
Turkey Pie
Stilton Quiche with Red Cabbage Coleslaw
Welsh Rarebit
Christmas Leftovers - Part 3Turkey Zombie Burgers
Using leftover goose/turkey fat
Mixed Veg & Pasta Cheese
Veggie Stew & Dumplings
Raw Parsnips
Christmas Leftovers - Part 4Chestnut Soup
Crumble Toppings using nuts
Nut Butters
Zombie Burgers

Christmas Leftovers - Part 5Turkey Stock
Turkey liver paté
Cottage pie from leftover beef
Keep the fat
Christmas Leftovers - Part 610 brussel sprouts recipes
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