Approved food and the foodbank
A reverse advent for 2017

Do you remember me talking about a reverse advent? I have been getting inexpensive shower gel, some toothpaste, a box of biscuits, mince pies, some tubs of Quality Street and Roses, which I split up and packaged prettily, and a few other treats.

Reverse advent


Reverse advent

On Friday I went off to the nearest foodbank. Goodness, Hailsham is busy on Fridays! I wanted to pop it in myself as I wanted to have a word with them there. The UK Money Bloggers Reverse Advent campaign has gone so well, that we are now discussing ideas on how we can continue to help going into 2018.

One of the things that the foodbank themselves suggested was to give a bag with a recipe and all the ingredients for that recipe in it. Bearing in mind that foodbanks need ambient food stuffs, I had a look at the recipes and the one for Sardine Fishcakes would work. The ingredients for ambient food would be a tin of sardines, a packet of instant mash and some dried onions. They are fried in oil, but if the client has none, they can be baked in the oven.

Reverse advent

Slimming World Food

I popped down to visit DD1 and DGD this morning. She is on Slimming World so we made hummus with no oil. It needed a little something else, so we added a good teaspoon of tandoori spice, she really liked it then.

We also made cauliflower stem soup using something that many throw away. To make it, chop up all the stems of a whole cauliflower, keeping the white curds to use in the usual way. Fry an onion in a little oil and when done, sizzle a good teaspoon of ginger, a clove of garlic and a teaspoon of turmeric. Add the cauli stems, a teacup of red lentils and at least a pint of water and simmer for 20 minutes, then whizz. Add more water if it needs it and season well.


Mike has been busy too and has now finished the pond in the garden. We have filled it and let it settle. Don’t know yet what plants to put in, will have a bit of a look around. Up one end, there will be a beach type effect for birds to bathe in and beasties to get out of the water, we’ll put some kind of contraption so the beasties can climb in and out of the pond too.

Garden pond

Good pond innit!



Had a flu jab and a pneumonia jab at the surgery this week, so I’ve got a  small sore lump on one arm at the moment. The flu is the first of an annual one, and the pneumonia only needs to be done once. Taking my vitamin D as recommended too.

I’ve also been to see a friend this week who has terminal cancer. We haven’t known about it for long, but on Monday, she will be going into a nursing home. S and I have done a lot together since we first met at WI 10 years ago. I’m pretty sad about it and dreading the inevitable.

Books I’ve read

Our library has a couple of books in a little display that they recommend. I picked up The Red Slippers by Keir Alexander from there and loved it. An old lady acquired some red slippers from the film set and the story is about her, her nephew and his family and a young scroat who tries to steal the slippers to sell them. The character development is wonderful. No one comes out particularly well, but they all have rich inner lives and I felt like I knew them. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on Amazon to show you, so you might not be able to get it.

Ruby slippers

I’ve also been reading Stephen King. I didn’t think I liked his writing as I don’t like horror. But I went to see The Gunslinger with the delicious Idris Elba and enjoyed it so much I investigated the book. It is actually one of a series of seven, or possibly eight. I got the box for £25, so it seems to have gone up a bit. You might get it cheaper at another time.

I’m on book 5 and loving it. If you like science fiction, you’ll probably like this. I like a series as it gives a good story teller room to develop a story arc. Book 1 is utterly unlike the film by the way!



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Approved food and the foodbank
A reverse advent for 2017
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