Almond 'Nutella' Tart

Rubber Chicken Feature

Rubber Chicken – just how far can you make a £4.99 chicken streeeetch – 28 portions?
Rubber Chicken (1) Pizza & Salad pizza and salad46p
Rubber Chicken (2) Chicken & Onion Piechicken and onion pie26p
Rubber Chicken (2) Spicy lentil soup, 18p18p
Rubber Chicken (3) Chicken, Onion & Sweetcorn Tartchicken, onion & sweetcorn tart34p
Rubber Chicken (4) Jacket potato using 60g meat in mustardy white sauce, with onion
imageRubber Chicken (5) Chicken & Risotto
Rubber Chicken (6) Pasta with white sauceRubber chicken - pasta bake48p622 cals7g fat32g protein107g carbsCould easily serve 4 rather than 2
Rubber Chicken (7) Fritters

Step by step on how to get 28 portions from 1 medium sized chicken Click To Tweet

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Almond 'Nutella' Tart