What I would do if I won a lottery bet
Review: First Tunnels Polytunnel

Slimming World

On 26th March, I decided to join Slimming World. I don’t really like no fat eating, but I knew several people who were having significant success with it. If it means losing flab, I’ll tolerate low fat, or indeed, anything else.  I was a bit emotional in the new starters talk, and rather defensive, wanting to prove to the counsellor that I really had tried before and got nowhere.

So, I’m now 16 weeks in and weighing 11lbs less and I couldn’t be more delighted. I can’t always keep focused, but I can keep this going long term, and that’s an important consideration when trying to lose weight. I go to the 9:30am group at a local hall on a Monday. Weigh in was today, and for the 3rd week running I’ve stayed the same. Bit disappointing, must do better.

Lesley, showing weight loss

I think you might be able to see that I’m getting smaller in this picture

I’m finding nice things to eat that fit the diet, and many of them are cheap too, and those ones I’ll tell you about. I often talk about them in the Facebook group, which is going from strength to strength, do pop over and say hello, it’s a lovely community with loads of good ideas, tips and advice.



Couch to 5k

I’ve also, much to my surprise, taken up running! A good friend had been doing the programme and I decided to have a go. The premise of the programme is to start you off really slowly and build up from there. On the first run, I was rather apprehensive, but it was only 60 seconds running interspersed with walking, and it was fine, I did it, albeit at more of a sort of shuffle rather than what I would call running. The person who coaches you on the app does keep saying not to go too fast! . And over the last few weeks, I’ve continued to do it, and to increase the time, so that now, I’m doing 25 minutes at a time and will shortly be doing 30 minutes. I currently am probably the slowest jogger in the world, but I’m gradually getting faster.

couch to 5k

I’m as amazed as my rather surprised family. I’ve never run, not even as a child! And what’s more, I’m loving it and can’t wait for the next one each time.


Another rather wonderful development is that I’ve joined a choir. The lovely and extremely talented Angela is inspiring and cleverly gets us singing and harmonising so that we sound amazing.

Angela, the choir master

We’ve given a little concert already to friends and family and that has resulted in quite a lot of interest from other people who would like us to sing for them too.

We sing rock, pop and gospel and I absolutely love it!

cake and wine club

This is the Cake and Wine Club choir giving their first concert. We all had to wear black, white or a mixture. I’m on the extreme left, in white. I don’t do black, the only black I’ve got is a pair of skinny jeans and a band t-shirt, don’t think that would have gone down very well! It was fearsome hot in that hall that day,there were fans everywhere.

Our next gig is at Le Marche on Bank Holiday Monday in Heathfield




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What I would do if I won a lottery bet
Review: First Tunnels Polytunnel
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