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Two hours up the gym today, and still hungry after dinner
An early start, millions of calories, old favourites and new discoveries

do you have a savoury flapjacks recipe?

I was on the hunt for a savoury flapjacks recipe today. I Googled, as you do, and absolutely every single recipe I found had cheese in it, and carrots. By the tenth recipe, I was thinking s#d this, I’m going to do one without cheese or carrots. So there!

I sort of knew what I wanted to put in it, what I was trying to find out was how to keep the cooled flapjacks soft and chewy, rather than sort of crispy. A flapjack without the sugar and syrup (which keeps it soft) is just fat and oats. Not very delicious sounding.

So I had to start from first principle. First step was melting some butter. I didn’t want to use oil as I thought the cooled flapjacks might be oily to the touch, which didn’t seem nice.

Measured out some oats. Now, what else can I put in it. Rummaging in the cupboard produced some whole almonds that need using before they go rancid, so I chop chop chopped those up, and added to the oats. I wanted the flavour of rosemary so did the same to some sprigs from the garden.

Now, what can I add for more flavour and to keep them soft and chewy.  I started off with a tube of tomato purée, but didn’t use that in the end. I spied some Pataks hot mango chutney, in went a spoon of that to the melted butter, then a spoon of caramelised onion chutney, one of onion chutney and two of sweet chilli sauce.  Mixed everything together.

Stuck head in bowl and inhaled – oooh. Tasted a bit – mmmm. Pressed it all in a tin and baked. Oooh, yum, yum, YUM.

the recipe

100g butter, melted, value 85p/250g, 34p
180g oats, value 75p/1kg, 13p
80g almonds, chopped pretty small, Asda Good and Balanced 200g/£1.70, 68p
2 tblsps sweet chilli sauce, Blue Dragon, 380g/£1.99, 16p
1 tblsp caramelised onions, Asda Extra Special, 420g/£1.79, 8p
1 tblsp onion chutney, 8p
1 tblsp Pataks hot mango chutney, Asda 210g/£1, 7p
2 tblsps chopped rosemary, Asda, half a pack, 30p
Total cost £1.76, 12 pieces = 15p each

Melt the butter, add the sauces and stir all together. This is so that when you add these to the dry ingredients, everything is evenly distributed.

Chop the rosemary finely, discarding any woody bits. I’m not sure how big the Asda packs are, so I’ve guessed that 2 tblsps is half a pack. With any luck, you or a neighbour will have some in the garden that you can use, so it would be free.

Chop the almonds into small pieces, about the size of a big  lentil.

Mix everything together. Press the mix into a tin, I used one with an inside measurement of 27cm x 17cm/10 3/4 x 7 inches.

Bake for 25 minutes at 180C fan/ 200C non fan / 400F / gas mark 6 until golden brown. Leave to cool in the tin, then cut into slices and store in an airtight container. I cut mine into 12

12 pieces, each piece 184 calories, 14g carbs, 13g fat, 3g protein, 3g fibre

the verdict

The sweet chilli sauce gave a distinctive flavour, which is lovely, but next time I’m going to try them without that. I think they would work well with just caramelised onion. They are deeply savoury, very delicious and could be used as breakfast, with or for lunch or as an anytime snack. They would be very good with a soup

the variations

The almonds could be swapped for cheaper nuts, perhaps salted peanuts or cashews, or just leave them out.

I think the butter may keep the flapjacks soft, so everything else is flavour. Can’t particularly taste that it’s butter so margarine would be fine.

Coconut cream is a something I’d like to try; sage or thyme; home made chutney; stuffing mix, would need to make sure it’s not too crunchy with that; that tomato purée; and of course curry spices, powders and pastes; and maybe even some grated parmesan or miso paste for an umami hit

This recipe is already vegetarian, use a vegan margarine, and it’s vegan too

So there we have it, savoury flapjacks, another yummy base recipe. Do let me know if you try it and what flavours you add, I’d love to know


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Two hours up the gym today, and still hungry after dinner
An early start, millions of calories, old favourites and new discoveries