An update
What did you last spend £1 on?

Had to go to Tunbridge Wells today, first time I’ve been out of the house in 2 weeks. I walked up the road to a locksmith, all of 5 minutes away. I went really, really slowly and it was still a bit much for me. Got a bit giddy at one point. Still hacking away and my District Nurse DD2 told me I have to see the GP on Monday and get some anti-biotics.

Popped into a fabric shop next door to the locksmith and got a couple of bargain offcuts. When I got home, (after a little rest) I made this little t-shirt for my DGD. I was pretty pleased with it, but on pressing it, the shiny bits were coming off, so it isn’t going to last long 🙁  Shame. Oh well, on to the next one. That off cut was only £1.50, so not much lost. I’ll check the fit tomorrow when I see DGD, and I have lots of other fabric that can be pressed into t-shirt service, including unused (too small – sssh) t-shirts.

The other off-cut is this lovely cotton jersey. It is 2.15 metres of 64 inch wide fabric, for £7.51. So plenty there for a long t-shirt for me and DGD, and something else too.




In the meantime, here’s another possible LBLUK shopping list, got some sardines in this one :).

500g leeks £0.29
1kg carrots £0.49
500g beetroot £0.45
2 tins tomatoes £0.62
250g baking spread £0.39
value marmalade or jam £0.27
2 tins sardines in oil £0.74
800g wholemeal loaf £0.40
tin kidney beans £0.23
500g penne £0.29
1kg oats £0.75
Total £4.92



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An update
What did you last spend £1 on?