Dresses, lasagna and resolutions
Another long walk followed by excited squeaks

Having whinged lately about being unable to find value smoked salmon pieces in the supermarkets. What did I find in Sainsbugs today? Yes! So I got four of them to stash away.

I was in there to get a couple of things for the U3A group I run, on budget cookery, what else!

We had a lovely chatty, lively afternoon. I demonstrated how to make fresh pasta using an egg and 100g of flour. Then we made lasagna to an authentic Italian recipe. While that was cooking in the oven, we made a tomato sauce for pasta, with fresh basil, and having tasted that, I added some value soft cheese to show how you can vary the taste.

We then made some carbonara, Sainsbugs had value cooking bacon too today, which they don’t always.

I tried some of the Tom Yum sauce today. All I had to do was put 100g of the sauce in a pan, add 300ml water, a few shreds of chicken and a few mushrooms from a jar. It was RED HOT 😳. I wanted Tom Kha anyway, so added quite a bit of dried coconut milk. It was still very hot, but right on the edge of what I would like. So a very flavoursome bowl of soup for lunch. I have added some leftover beans and greens to the leftovers and I shall have those for lunch tomorrow.

No leftovers from the cooking this afternoon. The participants like to contribute the cost of the ingredients, so I insist they take home what we make. Today we made 6 portions of lasagna, enough pasta sauce for 4 and carbonara for 2 or 3. Total contribution for each of the 5 taking part? 73p. Amazing what can be done with so little isn’t it.



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Dresses, lasagna and resolutions
Another long walk followed by excited squeaks