Another CFR recipe, walnut & seed butter
An Approved Food order

I am very sad that the site I first got involved in with helping to write cheap family recipes is no more. If you like the recipes on, hop on over to here and print any off that you like. I don’t know how much longer it will be there

Meanwhile, here is one of my favourite recipes from there, smoked salmon pasta. I shall post other recipes that I particularly like from there, before they all disappear

I have changed it a little, as the original recipe uses cream left over from something else, and I have updated the prices to current ones

Serves 2
200g spaghetti, value/20p/500g,  8p
clove garlic crushed or finely chopped, 5p
half a 120g pack smoked salmon trimmings, snipped into tiny pieces with your kitchen scissors, Asda £1.20/125g, 60p
20g self-raising flour, value 45p/1.5kg, 0.5p
35ml milk, £1/2.27litre, 2p
25ml oil, £1.25/litre, 3p
125ml approx. water
80g onion, very finely chopped salt and ground black pepper to taste, 5p
total of 84p

Cook spaghetti as per packet instructions, drain and cover. Meanwhile, in a large frying pan or wok (which will take all your cooked pasta plus a sauce) warm the oil, saute the onion, until it is just softened, not browned, and add the flour, stirring to make a thick paste.
Whilst constantly stirring, gradually add the milk and water until you have a thick creamy sauce. Add garlic and seasoning and finally the salmon.
Cook gently for one minute, to flavour the sauce but not overcook the fish.
Tip all of the cooked pasta into your frying pan stirring with a wooden spoon to coat each piece of spaghetti with sauce.
Finally tip the dressed pasta into a large serving bowl and garnish with salt (not too much is needed as the salmon is salted) and ground black pepper.
Serve with homemade bread to mop up the sauce.

If you have any, substitute cream for the milk for an extra creamy dish. I like this with a crispy salad

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Another CFR recipe, walnut & seed butter
An Approved Food order