Saturday at the SHOMOS
Bank Holiday Monday at Le Marche

Something old and something new today. I fancied a pie today, so I did us a green lentil, white cabbage and onion one, seasoned with sweet chilli sauce and mustard. This was originally invented for Meal Plan 8. I couldn’t be naffed making individual pies, so I made one 20cm one, and we had that with runner beans from the garden. I used olive oil in the pastry rather than rapeseed oil, which I usually use. The pastry today was exceptionally short, was it the oil? I couldn’t taste the olive oil either, which I was hoping to. If it is of interest, this pie is vegan.

Green lentils


A plum jam breadcrumb pudding

I am  making efforts to use up some of my many supplies. So when I saw this recipe in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Love Your Leftovers book, I thought I’d give it a try. Click the picture to get a bigger version of it that you can read.

Total calories 2547, 313g carbs, 130g fat, 23g protein, 9g fibre

Serves 8, per portion, 318 calories, 39g carbs, 16g fat, 3g protein, 1g fibre

Ingredients I used

Priced at Asda using mySupermarket
knob of butter, 85p/250g, 3p
3 eggs, free range, £1.65/dozen, 41p
200ml double cream, 600ml/£1.50, 50p
100g sugar, 55p/kg, 5p
150g breadcrumbs, using a value loaf, 9p
300g home made jam. If you have to buy the jam, value jam at 27p a jar, would cost 18p

Total cost £1.26. Cost per portion (8) 16p


Plum pudding


I used some ancient home made plum jam instead of marmalade. The cream in the pot was a bit short of 200ml and the jam wasn’t quite 300g. I didn’t want to faff about with spare egg whites, so I used 3 whole eggs. The breadcrumbs in the freezer weren’t enough either, so I got a couple of slices out of the freezer and chopped them up very small.

After hand whisking the egg white and mixing it all together, I cooked it in the oven. I didn’t use a Bain Marie as I have a fancy pants steam oven, I used one of the steam functions as I thought that would do much the same job. It did. The resultant pud was absolutely delicious! Utterly light, on the abstemious side of sweet and far far too moreish! 😋😋😋 Defininitely a keeper that one. Really pleased as it means I can use up lots of my store of jam. Hugh suggests using fruit compote in a different version and I can see how well that could work. You could use up all kinds of small quantities of fruit by making a compote with it. It’s blackberrying season now, and wouldn’t a blackberry and apple version be scrummy!

Plum pudding


coconut milk

I had an email today from Approved Food telling me that they had Maggi coconut milk on special, today only. I bought lots and lots and lots of it ages ago and am down to my last two boxes now. So when they said they had some for 99p (about £3.50 in the shops), I went over to the website and got lots more boxes. Stocked up again for the foreseeable future – hooray!


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Saturday at the SHOMOS
Bank Holiday Monday at Le Marche