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This is a variation of Tomato Dahl, just replacing the tomatoes with spinach. I’ve used individual spices here, but you could use the equivalent amount of any curry powder or any curry paste. Make sure you sizzle the spices/paste in the oil.

The tomatoes/spinach can be replaced with any other veg too. I shall try carrots, probably roasted, ditto parsnips, maybe leeks, wonder if it would work with dark green veg, spring greens or kale. Fennel would be lovely. Or of course absolutely any mixture you fancy.

250g red lentils, 500g/£1, 50p
150g chopped onion, 2kg/£1.08, 8p
400g frozen spinach, 1kg/£1.25, 50p
70g coconut milk powder, Asda, Maggi 300g/£3.20, 75p
40ml veg oil, £1.25/litre, 5p
1 heaped tsp garlic, Asda, TRS minced garlic paste, 100g/£1, 5p
1 heaped tsp garam masala, Rajah 100g/65p, 3p
1 tsp ground cumin, Asda, East End 100g/£1, 5p
1 tsp ground coriander, Asda, East End 100g/£1, 5p
1 tsp turmeric, Asda, TRS 100g/62p, 3p
Tsp salt, pepper
700ml water
Total cost £2.09, 6 servings, 35p a serving
Serves 6, with 50g value rice per person, 2p
400 calories, 6g fat, 17g protein, 69g carbs

Sauté the onion in the oil until transparent, add the spices, except the garam masala, and sizzle for a minute or two. Add everything else to the pan, except the garam masala and the coconut, and simmer gently for 20 minutes, until the lentils are melting.

Now add the coconut powder and the garam masala, a tsp of salt and lots of ground pepper. Coconut milk doesn’t seem to like being boiled and will split. You could use the same weight of creamed coconut, or a tin of coconut milk in place of the coconut milk powder.

This will freeze beautifully, and can be used on its own, with rice, pasta, roast potatoes, with any other curry, as a side dish with plain chicken or fish. It would be lovely with a pile of mixed roasted veg.


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Going on a course
A general Saturday