Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese, 20p
Jamie Oliver's new programme and effing great tellys

I tried these several years ago as my brother is coeliac and these, if you use the gram flour option, are gluten free. They are easy to make, freeze well and taste delicious.
This recipe serves 4 adults. Great for kids as it’s easy to portion, they can just have fewer dumplings, and for the veg phobic kids, they don’t even taste of spinach!

The original recipe is from BBC Good Food. Their recipe has a yogort sauce to serve with the dumplings, I didn’t like that very much, so have the tomato one.

500g spinach, frozen, defrosted and squeezed out, or a 795g tin 98p, drained, (keep the juice for soup) use half 49p
170g gram flour if you want the gluten free version £1.04/kg, 18p or
170g wheat flour, 45p/1.5kg 5p
100g onion, finely chopped 80p/kg 8p
3 garlic cloves, crushed, or rounded tsp paste Rajah paste £1.30/210g, 10g, 6p
1 tsp ground cumin Rajah 68p/100g 5g, 3p
1 tsp ground coriander Rajah 67p/100g 5g, 3p
large pinch salt

Spicy Tomato Sauce
carton passata or tin tomatoes 29p (passata)
100g onion, finely chopped 80p/kg 8p
pinch salt and pepper
fine chopped chilli, pinch chilli flakes etc, go easy if you don’t want it too hot

For the dumplings, put all the dumpling ingredients in a bowl and mix it all well. You need to have a soft doughy like mix. Use a little of the spinach juice if it is too dry, or add a little more flour if it is too wet.
Using wet hands, form the mixture into small balls about the size of a walnut.
Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry them gently until browned, turning as needed, about 3 -4 minutes each side.
Meanwhile, make the tomato sauce. Sizzle the onion in a little oil in a saucepan, add the chilli if using, sizzle a little more. Add the passata and warm through.

The dumplings are delicious with rice, pasta, noodles, nan bread or potato. They can be stretched a bit by having more rice or whatever, and maybe some veg from the garden.
They cost 28p per serving, serving four, or 31p for the gluten free version

You can, of course, vary the spices to whatever you have or like, a bit of turmeric in the tomato sauce is lovely, maybe a tandoori spice mix in the dumplings, or a good blob of a curry paste, Balti maybe. You could add a bit of coconut paste or milk to the tomato sauce, or make a completley different curry sauce to go with them.

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Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese, 20p
Jamie Oliver's new programme and effing great tellys