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Creamy Leek & Cheese Toasty
Bugs, diets (again!) bargain mangoes and books

This is the pasta dish I spoke about last time. Its seriously good and with a little tweaking it comes in at an acceptable price for this blog.

Stuffed pasta shells

Spinach & Ricotta Pasta

Priced at Asda using in January 2017
85g frozen spinach, £1.50/1.3kg, 10p
35g good for you walnut halves, £1.87/150g, 29p
20g raisins, £2.99/kg, 6p
90g ricotta, £1/250g, 36p
200g value pasta, 30p/500g, 9p
300g of a tin of value tomatoes, 29p for the tin, 20p
15g cheddar, grated £1.80/350g, 10p
Tsp dried basil, 69p/14g, 4p
Lots of fresh ground black pepper

To serve
Quarter of an Iceberg lettuce, shredded, 50p for the whole lettuce, 10p
200g carrots, 45p/kg, 9p

Serves 2
Total cost, including salad, £1.44 so 72p each
Nutrition per serving 550 calories, 71g carbs, 18g fat, 21g protein, 8g fibre

Mix the spinach and ricotta together. Chop the walnuts finely and add to the spinach mixture. Season well with salt and pepper, and maybe a little nutmeg if you have it.

Cook the pasta and drain well. Place the pasta in an ovenproof dish. Dot over the spinach and ricotta mix.

This picture is when I made it using giant shells

Giant stuffed pasta shells

Season the chopped tomatoes with lots of black pepper so it’s spicy, add a little salt.  Carefully pour over the pasta and spinach mix. Sprinkle over the cheddar.

Bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes.

Spinach and ricotta pasta



If you can find find giant pasta shells, they were fun to use, but far from essential.

A few sautéed mushrooms would be good. Instead of spinach you could use finely shredded kale or dark green cabbage.

Any nuts could be used instead of the walnuts, you can’t actually taste what they are. You could leave them out altogether if you wish, although the crunch was really good.

The pop of sweetness from the raisins was lovely and could be replaced with any other dried fruit.

I sprinkled over a couple of finely chopped Brazil nuts, they gave a nice extra crunch but you don’t need them.

I used generous amounts of dried basil and fresh ground black pepper. This made the sauce really good and I recommend it.  Use whatever herb you want of course. Fine chopped rosemary, sage, lemon balm, parsley and thyme would all be good

I haven’t tried this with value soft cheese, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Which leads on neatly to other cheeses. Any cheddar would work, Parmesan, grana padano, Lancashire or blue cheese would all be yummy.




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Creamy Leek & Cheese Toasty
Bugs, diets (again!) bargain mangoes and books