Lunches, Sinks and Ginger Cake for 16p a square
Roast Parsnip & Apple Salad, with Carrot, Raisin & Peanut Salad and Jacket Potato, total of 54p each

I haven’t posted for a few days, but I haven’t disappeared and I hope you don’t feel too neglected. I have been busy working on Thrifty Lesley in the background. I’ve been putting meal plans onto Pinterest and trying to get all the recipes onto the spanking new Tables I have started using. I have been learning how to use Pinterest, and as with all things when you are learning them, everything takes ages and some things are done clumsily.

I set up a general Thrifty Lesley Pinterest board a little while ago and have hugely enjoyed finding things to add to it. Then I thought it might work well to have a separate board for each Meal Plan.  So I have set one up for each plan and  have managed to load Meal Plan 1 and 2, with the Shopping Lists and all the recipes you would need for that particular plan.

When I was Pinning the first one, I didn’t realise that Pinterest was happily sending out Facebook and Twitter notifications for everything I did. Seeing as I was moving things around, deleting some things and re-doing others, that must have been a bit bewildering for those who like to follow along on those media. Talk about a blizzard of notifications.

There is a skeleton board for all the other plans, but if I’ve done it right, they should be private boards until I have loaded everything. No guarantee there though, so if you can see lots of empty boards, that’s why!

I also spent ages today trying to get a Pinterest logo on the sidebar. It wouldn’t co-operate, and after getting very frustrated with it all, I hacked a get around. So there is a clickable link, but it doesn’t look very tidy and it doesn’t open a new page. What it does do is go to the Thrifty Lesley Pinterest boards, and show you the 3 boards that are there.


No new recipes to report today. I have been a lady who lunches this week. Went out with 3 pals to Whites Seafood & Steak Bar in Hastings on Monday. We went for the fish and it was delectable. One of our number wanted a starter, so we all joined in, but by the time I had demolished the utterly gorgeous Chowder, I had no room for the mains! I just picked at it and asked for a doggy bag. Apparently this happens quite a lot and they were completely unfazed by it.  I had it for tea today, and very nice it was too.

Yesterday, DP said that he would like to go to the Three Cups Inn today, just up the road from us. He enjoyed it so much last week, he wanted to go again. So off  we went. I had the wild boar tenderloin, with pancetta, gorgeous gravy and the crispyist chunky chips ever. It was fabulous. During the week, at lunchtime, if you are over 60, you can get anythng from the menu, except the steak, for £6.95, or £8.95 for two courses. If you are eating out, great value.  And the barmaid, when we were paying, bless her for ever, said, you won’t be doing the senior citizens deal will you. And when we said, well, actually, yes we will, she expressed such genuine disbelief, I could have kissed her! DP has high praise for the ales there too. He said they are exceptionally well kept and he was a very happy man.


Right, I’m off to load a few more recipes to the Tables

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I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community

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Lunches, Sinks and Ginger Cake for 16p a square
Roast Parsnip & Apple Salad, with Carrot, Raisin & Peanut Salad and Jacket Potato, total of 54p each