Fruit, Floors and Gifts
Meal Plan 7 - Lasagna, 62p a serving, 31p if you stretch it to 4

There are still a few teething problems with the changeover of the blog to a new host. The subscriber widget on the right is one of them, it seems to be refusing to sign people up for some reason.

I’m also not sure that the new posts are being emailed to people either. If you are a lovely follower, do you still get emails?

Technology is great when it works and a big pain in the rear when it doesn’t!

Overall tho, I am very pleased with the new design. The theme being used offers more possibilities than the old one and I will be exploring them over the next few weeks, with the help of Lemoneye, a local firm, who are looking after the site now and who have put a lot of hours into it.

In Heathfield, for the last 17 years, every Bank Holiday Monday, we have a French market, Le Marche. What a shame it was this year. The weather was appalling. It rained cats and dogs all day. I usually go. It’s an all day event with bands playing and entertainment, all free. And loads and loads of stalls. Lots of French produce, hog roast, paella, and all kinds of interesting things to look at, listen to and taste.

I didn’t go this year, and I’m not sure how many other people did. The park and ride car park was almost empty. Such a shame, these things take an enormous amount of effort to organise.

fabric strips for a patchwork quiltI stayed in all day and started the quilt I’m making as part of the wedding celebrations of my younger daughter. I have time, the wedding isn’t until next June.

fabric strips sewn together for a patchwork quilt

Her theme colour is purple, so we foraged some purple based fabric from charity shops where she lives in Bexhill. On Monday, I prepared it and cut some up into 4″ strips and started sewing them together.

cut up fabric strips for patchwork quilt

patchwork fabric squares

Finished the first square today….proud face 🙂

completed patchwork quilt panel

The stripy fabric is a charity shop shirt, the flowery one is left over from a previous project, the plain purple is a charity shop duvet cover. And do you recognise the darker purple floral one?  It’s the same project leftover fabric I used for the dolly I made recently. The only thing that will be bought new is the wadding for the middle. There is plenty of fabric in the duvet cover, and a white sheet bought at the same time, for the backing.

I shall do some more this evening. Haven’t decided whether to sash it with purple or white yet. I shall wait until I’ve made a lot more squares, then decide.

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Fruit, Floors and Gifts
Meal Plan 7 - Lasagna, 62p a serving, 31p if you stretch it to 4