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Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Pesto
Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Pasta Sauce

Here is the 2nd in the series of Things You May Never Need To Make Again. The increasingly popular – hummus


Once you’ve made hummus at home, will you ever want the bought version again? For the smoothest version, you’ll need a food processor, stick blender or similar. Although if the chick peas are soft enough, you can mash them with a fork.

Drain a tin of chickpeas, or for an even cheaper version, soak and cook some dried ones until very soft. Tip the chickpeas into the food processor or jug, add about 125ml of olive oil and blitz. Add the zest and a squeeze of  lemon juice and a good squirt of garlic paste or equivalent. If you have any, add several tablespoons of tahini or a little peanut butter, which tastes amazingly similar. I have successfully made this with just water and it didn’t taste that different, so you could do that if you want a low fat version, or use rapeseed oil, cheaper than oil.


That’s the classic version. You can do exactly the same using any kinds of beans. Change it up by adding caramelised onions, roasted veg, bottled roast peppers, any of the miso’s. Or use a higher proportion of veg. Use half the amount of chick peas and add a value pack of beetroot, maybe some horseradish or chutney. A favourite chutney of mine is Pataks Brinjal  (aubergine). You could add a tbslp of that to an ordinary hummus to get a completely different flavour.

Another very different version in the archives is a carrot one, creamy with tahini. We also have a spicy, curried hummus, and a roasted veg hummus.  I’ve made several other types, but not written them up.

All sorts of things can be added to ring the changes. Drain and rinse a tin of value baked beans and use those in place of the chickpeas for an extra cheap hummus.

All hummus freeze very well. So they could be frozen in small pots ready to be grabbed for a packed lunch, or make a sandwich, generously filled with hummus and wrap and freeze.

spicy hummus


I found this wonderful infographic on Pinterest for hummus. It shows lots of different versions, and I will definitely be trying several of them. In particular the Ranch and the Italian.





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Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Pesto
Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Pasta Sauce
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