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A wonderful winter chutney, Cranberry, orange and ginger
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Gourmet ice cream

A while ago, I experimented with a tin of condensed milk and discovered that condensed milk, double cream and thick greek yogurt make easy peasy gelato. That post explains in detail how to make it, and gives many different flavour options. No machinery is required for this, it’s just mix and freeze. I’ve discovered many delightful variations along the way. The chocolate one and the lemon one being my favourites, Mike would also add the Ovaltine one. I can’t have either the chocolate or Ovaltine of course, just a little taste.


Lots of flavours occur. I’ve got several packets of cheap dried apricots in the cupboard, make a paste with some of those and that would be fab. You could dissolve some coffee powder in the yogort and make a coffee version. Or how about a few fresh raspberries or strawberries. Or some fresh figs if you have a tree. Or damson purée from foraged fruit. Or blackberry purée from autumn fruits stashed in the freezer. Toast some sweetened breadcrumbs and stir into a mix flavoured with vanilla. Make a peach or mandarin purée using the value tinned fruit, drained. You could use any of the flavours to make a ripple type one by stirring the flavouring through the condensed milk / yogort / cream mixture. Soak some mixed dried fruit overnight in strong tea or some kind of booze for a tutti frutti. Add a little splash of liquer, so a Baileys version, or rum and raisin, or raspberry and whiskey for a Scottish themed flavour.

Gourmet Flavours

So for gourmet ice cream, I would add maybe cocoa powder, crushed maltesers, and some caramel. Or make a luscious fruit compote, nice and thick, maybe with some alcohol in it, and ripple it through. Or do a rocky road one with chocolate, marshmallows, small chunks of honeycomb, crushed biscuit etc. Or mix in lots of lemon zest and juice, crushed meringue and lemon curd. Or for that classic combination, flavour the ice cream with coffee and mix through some fine chopped walnuts, maybe serve with some coffee syrup.

Gourmet ice cream


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A wonderful winter chutney, Cranberry, orange and ginger
Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Fish Cakes
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