Using up stale focaccia at breakfast, cherries, lovely ripe cherries, and a pot wot I painted
A quick lunch in the grit and grime

I posted this yesterday afternoon, and it didn’t go! Drat. Having another go now

I have a lot of bread in the freezer from our bread making course, much of it not in slices or a state of freshness to use as toast or sandwiches. So I thought I would have a little Google today to see what I could find to use it.

And my goodness, what a lot of yummy stuff there is out there!

Jen Gale’s Dead Bread Pudding is a very useful recipe, and could be modified in many ways. My usual first stop is some kind of curry spicing, so I would try adding some Patak’s curry spice mix first, and go on from there.

One of DP’s very favourite things is bread pudding, or bread pudden as he calls it, and it haven’t made it for him in an age, so that will be going on the list.

Then of course there are the crouton variations, and Panzanella.

I found Rachel Kelly, who writes in the Guardian, and wrote this article on using up bread. Impressed by the list of other things that she had written about using up (apples, wine, rice, pesto, blue cheese and cheese) I looked up her blog, which was interesting enough for me to follow.

This recipe for Migas from Rachel sounds utterly scrummy. It’s a mixture of crispy fried bread, chorizo and spices.

And what about 24 Ways to Eat Bread Pudding, mmmm, examples are Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding, Strata with Mushroom, Sweet Potato, and Bacon, Sweet Corn Bread Pudding, Pork Sausage Bread Pudding with Aged Gouda and Sundried Tomato or Brioche Nutella Bread Pudding.

This post is about 17 ways to use stale bread. One of the first things Andrea says is that bakers will sell bags of day old bread for a song. This is something I had completely forgotten about! We used to buy this sometimes when I was little. I think the writer is based in America, but I might pluck up courage to ask at our local baker.

I particularly liked the suggestion of adding some brown sugar, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and coconut flakes to dried breadcrumbs for a delicious ice cream topper, or leave the crumbs plain for versatility.

There is also the option of refreshing the bread with a little water and heating it in the oven. I could do that with the focaccia in the freezer from the course. So many lovely options.

I’m going to need more bread! Do you have favourite ways to use up bread?

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Using up stale focaccia at breakfast, cherries, lovely ripe cherries, and a pot wot I painted
A quick lunch in the grit and grime