Birthday celebrations. I'm feeling thoroughly birthdayed!
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Having tried faux Nutella with hazelnuts and butter, I wanted to try another version with oil. Having run out of hazelnuts, I used walnuts. So I nipped  into the kitchen and this was rustled up in just a few minutes.

Home Made Walnut Nutella

Priced at Asda, July 2017
50g dried milk powder, 340g/£1,69, 28p
50g cocoa powder, 250g/£1.69, 34p
150g walnuts, 270g/£3, £1.66
100g icing sugar, 1kg/£1.70, 47p
100ml light olive oil £3.60/litre, 36p
80ml milk, 2.27 litres/99p, 3p

Total weight 630g, total cost £3.14. This is 50p per 100g.
Branded Nutella is sold in Asda in kilogram jars, also for 50p per 100g
Total yield 630g
Nutrition per 15g tablespoon, 62 calories, 5g fat, 4g carbs, 1g protein
Nutella nutrition per 15g tablespoon, 81 calories, 4.7g fat, 8.6g carbs, 0.9g protein

Walnut Nutella

The method is the same as the other version. Put the nuts in a food processor and run for a minute or so until the nuts just begin to release their oil.

Now add everything else and whizz. Once I’d added everything, I thought I’d run the machine for a bit to see if I could get it super smooth. But after half a minute, the oil emulsified and it became a firm spread. Wonderful!

Walnut Nutella

On tasting, my eyebrows went right up 😳 It’s even better than the last one! It’s very smooth, although there are just as many nuts in there. Ooooooooooh, yummy.

Having done that, I thought I’d try the faux Ferraro Rocher as described by Valerie. So using some of the spread still in the processor, about 5 or 6 tablespoons,  three own brand Weetabix type biscuits were added and whizzed together. They were made into balls and rolled in a mix of cocoa and icing sugar, but it just soaked in, so I wouldn’t bother again. The oil makes them a little oily on the outside, so I put three in paper cases and they look really nice. Perfect for a hamper, hostess gift or other small pressie.

Walnut Nutella wheat bisks type bites

Kids would love to make these with you. Yes, there is sugar in there, but there is also milk, olive oil and lots of nuts, plus the weetabix, so pretty healthy I think.

If you try them, be prepared to eat lots of them!

Walnut Nutella wheat bisks type bites

Walnut Nutella wheat bisks bites

Walnut Nutella wheat bisks bites

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Birthday celebrations. I'm feeling thoroughly birthdayed!
Do you know what Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOCS are?