How my feelings were affected by a machine today
60% fat and vanilla extract

Weigh in day today. Every dieter knows that Monday is the ‘day that counts’. This week, I have been eating soup with lashings of double cream in it, confit de canard, lots of cheese, olive oil on everything, roast chicken with skin, avocados, tons of almonds, black pudding, sausages  and dozens of eggs.

I have been following the diet I have been instructed to follow and working out more than I believed possible.

I can see and feel a difference now. I am an apple shape, which means that fat deposits preferentially around my middle, so any gain, or loss, is very apparent on my stomach.

I have lost 2lbs of what must be solid fat this week. I say must be solid fat as measurements are reducing far more than 2lbs would indicate.

I am so encouraged, I can’t quite believe it. I feel hungrier on this high fat diet than on the previous one as it has less bulk. But it only takes the smallest amount of willpower to stick to it. Unlike on my previous efforts where I would feel so hungry all the time, it was a triumph to get through one whole day, and that, of course, makes no difference whatsoever.

So, early days still, and optimism abounds.


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How my feelings were affected by a machine today
60% fat and vanilla extract