Practically free soup using old veg and peelings stock
What I've been reading lately

Did you guess we’d been away? I hate not been able to tell you about our adventures whilst they’re happening, but it’s horribly easy to find my address, and you never know who’s listening do you. Don’t want to put an advert out, come and rob this house, they’re away!

So, where did we go? We left on 6th August and drove to Newark for 3 days, on to York for 3 days, then to Rothbury for a week, back to York for 3 days and Newark for 3 days, then home.

We’ve had a fabulous time and now back to a complete mountain of post and a huge to do list! I’ve enjoyed eating whatever the hell I like for all that time. But not looking forward to stepping on those scales tomorrow morning!


We stayed at the Beaumond Cross Inn, a family run pub and hotel. Paul, one of the owners, does all the cooking and we enjoyed several of his excellent home cooked dishes. Paul will also do a vegan or coeliac breakfast and is very obliging.

Beaumond cross Inn
On the way up to York, we stayed in a loft room, which was very spacious and comfortable. We were made very welcome and very much enjoyed our stays here. On the way back down, we had a different room, but much preferred the first one.

Beaumond cross inn bedroom

We enjoyed walks along the canal and around the remains of the castle. Had a long chat on the canal with a rep from the organisation that looks after canals and am now contemplating a possible walking holiday along the route of a canal!

Found a couple of little gem eateries. An Italian, run by Italians, called Pastability. If you are ever in the area, do try their wonderful lasagna and gelati, all made by them. The welcome is magnificent and I wanted to try everything! I found this image on Google, and it’s a bit grainy


And a cafe called Feeling Peckish, again, everything made on the premises. I indulged in a slice of butterscotch tart here after one of their lunches. Ooooh, mmmmmm.

Feeling peckish, cafe


We watched Valerian, A Ghost Story and The Hitmans Bodyguard at various points while away. This post was actually what we were up to one day whilst we were away, I was trying to not give the game away!

We explored all around the town and market. I’ve hit my 12,000 step target every day whilst away. Unfortunately, I think I must have left the Fitbit charger in the Travelodge in York, so today, I couldn’t wear it and it felt very odd not having it on my wrist and not knowing how many steps I’d done. I ordered a replacement  one from Amazon which was waiting for me when we got home. Only £2.29, and with Prime, no postage!

Civil War Museum

Civil war museum

On our last day in Newark, we went to the Civil War museum. I didn’t know a great deal about it beforehand, just the usual generalities. This was a really good museum. Very informative, in an entertaining and fun kind of way. We saw several small films about various aspects and attended a talk by ‘Prince Rupert’ and my goodness, he was so good! He got lots of info across, but in a way that had most of us giggling uncontrollably.

Prince Rupert


I bought a social history of the period at the museum and I’m looking forward to reading that. I’ve bought SO many books over this holiday 😳



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Practically free soup using old veg and peelings stock
What I've been reading lately