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We used to play a game when I was growing up about what we would do if we won the football Pools. Do you remember those? You had to work out what some of the football results would be to win potentially life changing amounts of money. We would sit and discuss who would get what, what we would do with the rest, getting very detailed. I guess a modern version of this, is what I would do if I won a Lottery bet. You can even place them online now.

So what would I do now?

I’ve always been a long term planner. Extrapolating things out to see where they might lead. Well, other than when I was a teenager and took a series of bad decisions. I used to like the bad boys, aka by proper grown ups as bad news!

Other than that rather long blip, long term planning is one of the reasons I have built the business to where it is now, providing us with a nice income. So if I had life changing amounts of cash, I wouldn’t want to throw it at fun and frolics, I would look to the basics first.


I would love to live in a substantial sized house with a big garden, huge greenhouse and room for Mike to have a huge workshop. He loves to make and repair things and that involves saving all kinds of bits and bobs that will ‘come in handy’! He would probably disappear into it never to be seen again!

He’s currently tiling the bathroom btwA large greenhouse. I would buy one of these if I won lotto online


After sorting out our housing, I’d love to be able to do the same for my two brothers, sister and my Mum, who lives with my sister


Passive Income

Next on the list for this theoretical endless pot of dosh is income. For almost everyone, our entire existence is dictated by how we earn our living. From where we live, how many hours are spent doing something we may not enjoy, how much money is available for leisure, holidays and fun, right down to our overall health in many cases.

So, having cash arriving in your bank account without having to go out to a regular job to get it is a wonderful thought. How to achieve that? I would look at things like shares that produce dividends, safe ones, nothing risky, don’t want that windfall going awol after a while.  Buying a house to rent out maybe or even an annuity although I’m not keen on those, I hate the idea of the money disappearing when I die.

A dividend graph prediction. I would buy shares paying dividends if I won lotto online

Jobs I don’t want to do

Next, I would definitely look at outsourcing things I don’t want to do. Often mundane things like cleaning the windows, cleaning the house, keeping the car sparkly and weeding the garden. I’ve just realised, that’s a lot of cleaning jobs! Seems the jobs I hate the most are the cleaning ones!

I enjoy wafting around deadheading and doing things like fiddling in the greenhouse, it would be great to have someone else do the constant tidying, sweeping and weeding. What about having a person on nights on a seek and destroy mission for any plant munching slugs and snails. Hah! Wouldn’t that be great – ooh, perfect, flawless hostas. Sigh


A perfect Hosta. If I won lotto online, I would hire someone to hunt slugs and snails


And now, the purely fun part. Mum, one of my brothers and I have spent many a happy holiday on Greek islands, often going to the Kamari area of Kefalos on Kos. Yes, we first went there because it was cheap, but there’s something about that area that we like.

When you see a picture of a Greek island, it’s often of a little island with a white and blue church on it. That is Kastri island, in Kamari. My mums favourite place. When she was just a little younger,  she used to swim and snorkle round it every day when on holiday. She is an amazing 91 now and can’t quite manage that now. But she still swum and snorkled often on our recent holiday there, and powered around on her two sticks. She’s not even on statins. Hope I’m like that at her age!

So wouldn’t it be marvellous to have a nice big and airy place in Kamari, perhaps back in the hills, growing figs, tomatoes and grapes in the garden.

The type of greek house I would buy if I won lotto online

A windfall

If you had a large windfall, what would be your priorities. Would you spend, spend, spend as a now broke lottery winner once said, invest all of it, sit and plan it out before doing anything? Have you got plans you could bring forward if you had the cash? I’d love to hear what you would do

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On one of the best Greek islands to visit
Running, singing and slimming world
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